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There’s a secret airport restaurant you can only go to if you get invited

There’s a secret airport restaurant you can only go to if you get invited

This is one way to get your holiday started

When it comes to jetting off on holiday, your experience in the airport can be just as important as the flight itself.

Most of us have a pretty similar airport routine - grab yourself a meal deal, get yourself a pre-holiday pint and find somewhere to charge your phone.

If you're feeling extra boujie, you might splash out on the airport lounge where you can treat yourself to you a buffet and some mimosas.

Airports can make a big difference to your holiday experience.

But, would you believe me if I told there was something even better than this?

But don't go looking on for this feature, as you have to be invited to enjoy it.

What am I talking about? A passenger only restaurant.

Travel expert Rachel Chang revealed that she'd been invited to the United Airlines eatery in Newark airport in New Jersey.

She first heard about Classified from a friend before she received her own coveted invitation.

Chang wrote: "As one of the carrier's 'most valued customers,' I was 'one of the select few' to receive an invite to the 'contemporary' restaurant, which they described as an 'upscale dining space, tucked away from the crowds in Terminal C."

Her visit didn't go smoothly the first time, so she had to return a few weeks later.

At the entrance, she was met with an 'innocuous' black door which swung open for her.

This restaurant is secretly hidden with Newark Airport.
United Airlines

Behind that door was a 32-seat dining room with white drapes, complete with ceiling fixtures.

Chang had a lot of positives to say about the service, but found the food to be a little pricey - as she paid $32 for an omelette.

Yes, you read that correctly - an omelette.

She wrote: "Not terrible for an airport meal, but as a current MileagePlus Gold status member, I could have had similar eggs and potatoes in the lounge for free, had this been an international flight."

'Not terrible for airport food' doesn't sound like the rave review you might have been expecting, does it?

I'm not able to tell you whether or not your nearest airport has a secret restaurant for you to try out, you know, with it being a secret and all. You'll just have to keep your eyes peeled for your own exclusive invitation.

It's a bit like getting your Hogwarts letter, except it won't be delivered by an owl, and instead of being whisked away to a school of magic and witchcraft, you'll be forking out $32 for an omelette.

Featured Image Credit: Unieted Airlines

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