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People can save hundreds of pounds by booking ‘open jaw’ flights

People can save hundreds of pounds by booking ‘open jaw’ flights

A TikToker has shared her travel hack to save you money

If you’re already planning your next holiday abroad, you’re not alone.

As the season takes a dark and dreary turn ahead of Christmas, it’s only natural to want to think about a sunny future - sipping a cocktail on some remote beach.

But the cost of travel is sometimes enough to halt such well-anticipated plans.

However, there’s a little-known hack that could save you hundreds and not too many people know this.

They're called open jaw flights - have you heard of them?

These handy little bookings can help you save while still living it up on vacation.

A TikToker went online to share this news with her followers, so that they could have a more affordable time away.

The user by the name of Colleen You Out said: "Have you ever heard of an open jaw flight? There's a chance you've already taken one before.”

"An open jaw flight is simply a flight where the destination and/or origin of the flight are not the same in both directions."

This could be something like booking a flight to Paris but returning to Munich and catching a train or last-minute domestic flight for less money.

However, it all depends on who you fly with if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck.

Alternative Airlines is a website that allows passengers to book an open-jaw route, and they list easyJet and British Airways as being among the best European airlines to fly open-jaw routes with.

Colleen shared that open-jaw flights can be much cheaper.
TikTok/ @colleenyouout

They said: "Open jaw flights can be cheaper. However, it'll depend on the airline that you fly on.

"It may be easier for you to fly with an airline that has a wide selection of routes and destinations."

The best places to book open-jaw routes in areas with multiple airports, like London.

That way, you can use both for departing and arriving, depending on the cost disparity.

Justin Hayward of SimpleFlying said to The Sun: "Open jaw flights could save time or add more destinations to a trip for a similar price.

"If your travels will take you from one place to another, there is no need to have to return to the same airport."

So, if you’re looking to get your swimsuit out of storage and into the sun, why not try this trick?

Featured Image Credit: Getty stock image/TikTok/@colleenyouout

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