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UK holiday destination is set to tax British tourists for visiting

UK holiday destination is set to tax British tourists for visiting

Locals are fed up with visitors descending on beaches as well as beauty spots and 'trashing' them.

It seems that nowhere is safe from the dreaded tourist tax these days - but Brits have had a rude awakening after finding out that they could be charged for catching a few rays on our own coastline.

Venice, Amsterdam, Barcelona and, erm, Manchester have already brought in tourist fees to crackdown on overtourism while earning a few quid to spruce up the area in the process, and a popular UK destination is now expected to follow suit.

It's because a row between locals and visitors has reached boiling point, as residents have complained that day trippers 'abuse' the facilities, 'trash' beauty spots and take up all the parking bays.

The situation has gotten that bad that people who call the seaside towns home have launched petitions calling for a tourist tax to be brought in, which would supposedly apply to anyone entering specific - and popular - zones.

Maris Lake is the bloke behind one of the appeals to the council and he championed the idea of charging visitors a small amount, saying it would help remind them to be on their best behaviour.

He told the Bournemouth Echo: "We know how our beaches end up after the weekend - I think all the locals are aware of it.

"When something is free, people abuse it. If people had to pay, it could shift their mentality."

Locals are fuming with tourists trashing beaches and beauty spots.
Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images

Maris added: "Tourist tax is implemented in a lot of countries in Europe, and it just brings extra funding to the local council's pot.

"There’s no proof that it actually damages the tourism, if anything it improves it because you have extra funds to do things."

Other residents who live on England's South Coast claimed that beaches and beauty spots are 'ravaged by selfish visitors' who dump their motors on 'grass and vital habitats'.

Another local who signed the petition moaned: "I'm sick of finding rubbish left on the beach and I'm sick of people burying their BBQ left overs and fat in the sand.

"Visitors and residents used to be so much more aware, now they just could not care less."

So have your wallet at the ready to stump up the cash if your planning on visiting Bournemouth, Christchurch, or Poole.

Visitors are set to be charged around £2 a night.
Alex Segre/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

That's because the hotel and tourism industry in the area are launching a tourist charge of around £2 a night to help 'secure and develop' the South Coast, to ensure it can still welcome tourists for years to come.

Under the new proposals, around 70 businesses would introduce the extra fee to visitors and the cash would be funnelled back into leisure facilities, businesses, international marketing and partnerships.

Council bosses estimate it will bring in an extra £2 million every year.

All the details are set to be ironed out when the proposals go through consultation with the industry throughout February and March this year.

Destination Management Board chair Andy Lennox said they were 'committed to getting this destination back on track.'

He added: "Its successful delivery will reverberate around the conurbation for many years to come.

"We are committed to ensuring that it is successful and that it helps delivers a clean, green, safe, vibrant and eventful conurbation for businesses and residents in the future."

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