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Woman who lives on cruise ship admits she's banned from doing four things

Woman who lives on cruise ship admits she's banned from doing four things

She has shared a bit about her experience of living onboard the cruise ship

A woman who lives aboard a cruise ship has shared the four things that she is banned from doing onboard.

Cruises look like some of the most extravagant holidays on offer nowadays, with a wide choice of activities and food while travelling between destinations.

Christine Kesteloo, known as @dutchworld_americangirl on TikTok, has been sharing her life onboard a cruise ship.

She stays there as her husband is Staff Chief Engineer on the ship, meaning that she gets some benefits but also some restrictions while on deck.

Christine posted a video explaining four things she is not allowed to do onboard, but prefaced the video by saying she sails and eats for free.

What a life, eh?

She goes on to explain that she lives as a guest, but also as crew meaning she 'can do almost everything the crew can do' and 'almost everything guests can do, except for a few things'.

There are four things that she can't do onboard.

The first of the four things is that she is not allowed to gamble.

So no slot machines, no black jack and no roulette unfortunately.

But she explained why: "It would look a little weird if I, as the wife of the Chief Staff Engineer, won like, a big Jackpot."

Makes sense.

Secondly, she revealed that she is allowed in crew areas as well as guest areas, but has to clearly show her crew pass while in restricted areas, as guests can't enter.

But there's more, as she reveals that as crew, she has to get off the cruise ship an hour after guests do at destinations.

"So if we dock at one, I get off at two," she explained.

Number three on the rules is that she can use the pool, gym and spa, but it is based on how busy these areas are.

Not a bad view for a free cruise!

Christine said: "I always play it with the rule of thumb. If the pool is packed, I make sure to get up and give the guests a seat."

She also revealed that she was once a Cruise Director, with it not being the best look if a crew member takes their seat.

Christine then added that she has to pay 50 percent for drinks, while getting discounted internet rates, discounts at the spa and at the shop.

So it's not all free!

Finally, she states that it is essential for her to have international travellers' insurance.

This one isn't that big of a shock though, as most people would have this.

Viewers of the TikTok shared their thoughts in the comments, with one saying: "New dream job: wife of a cruise ship engineer".

Another commented: "This is a pov I never knew I needed".

And a third humorously said: "How do i meet a cruise ship engineer?"

Valid points made, because based off this video - Christine is living THE life.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dutchworld_americangirl

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