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48-year-old woman hits back after people think her boyfriend is her son

48-year-old woman hits back after people think her boyfriend is her son

People have mistaken the couple for mother and son

A couple in an age-gap relationship have defended themselves after admitting that people have mistaken them for mother and son.

High school teacher Rachel, 48, met 25-year-old Alex on a dating app back in December 2020 and despite initially having some concerns about their age gap the pair are now happily coupled up and Rachel even shares ‘tips for cougars’ on TikTok.

Speaking on YouTube channel Love Don't Judge, Rachel, from Texas in the US, said: "I was newly divorced and a friend of mine convinced me to get on a dating app where I met Alex. I was very hesitant because he looked young."

Rachel’s eldest son Ben has struggled to come to terms with the relationship.
YouTube/Love Don’t Judge

But Alex had no such hesitations and admitted to being ‘excited’ about the prospect of dating a woman who was older than him.

He said: "I didn't think anything of it. I was actually excited about the opportunity to be with a woman who was much older than me.”

But by the time she found out how big the age difference was - 23 years - Rachel admitted they had already hit it off and that things ‘felt so natural and easy’.

Alex agreed, adding: “There really is no difference in this relationship than a 'normal' one other than the fact she happens to be older than me. There's plenty of men who date a much younger woman and nobody bats an eye to it - but god forbid an older woman be with a younger man."

However, despite their strong feelings for each other, the couple admit it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

After going public with their relationship online, they’ve been met with some nasty comments from strangers.

Alex explained: “People say we look alike. We’ve had people mistake us for mother and son or brother and sister.

Rachel is 48 and in a relationship with 25-year-old Alex.
YouTube/Love Don’t Judge

“We belong to this gym and the guy who worked at the front desk [looked at us and said] ‘mother and son? I can already tell. I can see it.’ We just laughed it off.”

Meanwhile, Rachel’s sons - Ben, 23 and Joel who is 19 - also struggled to come to terms with the couple.

Expressing his shock, Ben said: "Originally, I was really upset. I found out through a friend who texted me and I didn't know what was going on. I saw the TikTok and it was something about dating a cougar.

"I was like, 'Mom, you're putting this out in public, you're a teacher, every kid has TikTok, everyone is going to see this'."

Since then, Ben is slowly coming 'round to the idea of their relationship and the couple also receive plenty of support online with one fan saying: "She's not old, she's vintage."

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Love Don’t Judge/Tiktok/Alex.Michael13

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