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People warned about ‘zombied’ dating trend which is ‘worse than being ghosted’

People warned about ‘zombied’ dating trend which is ‘worse than being ghosted’

The new dating trend that you should look out for has been revealed

A new dating trend has been doing the rounds, as getting 'zombied' is becoming more and more common.

Just when you thought getting orbited or ghosted wasn't enough, you can now get zombied.

Maybe next you can get vampired?

People have been warned about the new trend, which is taking the dating world by storm.

Dating nowadays is exhausting, with there being a number of dating apps to choose from, each with their own features and quirks.

So many decisions, so much to consider.

It can genuinely be more of a headache to set up the accounts, match with someone, organise a date, then actually go on it than it is to meet someone the old fashioned way.

Millennials and Gen Z singles may have it the worst out of previous generations, and when you add these 'dating trends' into the mix, it makes it even more difficult.

Getting zombied is similar to being ghosted, but it's worse.

Getting zombied is the latest thing to worry about, and it has been explained in a TikTok by Adelle, who is a dating coach.

"Forget being ghosted, you should be more worries about being zombied," she begins to explain.

Described as one of the worst trends she has heard in a while, it's not a very promising start.

Adelle continues: "Being zombied is kind of like being ghosted.

"Except he comes back from the dead after a few months and hits you up like it's no big deal!"

She also says that if he (or she) just left or ignored you without any notice or any explanation, you should 'leave him in the dust' as it's 'not something you need to bring back to life.'

Smart, I get the whole zombie thing now.

I think we've met someone like this one time or another though, and it's important that you stay strong if it happens again.

Beware of anyone popping up in your notifications after they zombied you.
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There's a lot to be aware of out there folks.

Social media and phones give people a new way to date, but it also brings on all of these strings attached.

One viewer jokingly commented: "The Walking Date," in reference to the TV show, which gave me a chuckle.

But it is important that people are aware of being zombied, because whether it be you or a friend, you don't want to get sucked into wasting your time on a zombie - they're just going to disappear again!

We all deserve better, so keep your wits about you and stay alert for any of the Walking Dead.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photo and TikTok / @‌adelle_coachinghearts

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