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Meet The World’s Most Unique Panda Who Now Has An Amazing Life

Meet The World’s Most Unique Panda Who Now Has An Amazing Life

Life wasn’t always this way.

Hamish Kilburn

Hamish Kilburn

It's hard at the best to times to work out whether pandas are white with black spots or black with white spots. Well, it turns out that it's even more complicated than that.

Meet Qizai. He's not like your average panda. Qizai laughs in the face of the generic black-and-white furred beasts. This badass is said to be the only one among its entire species who is brown and white. Embracing his looks and finally feeling comfortable in his own skin, this bear isn't changing for any panda or anyone. And rightly so!

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Despite his new-found fame among humans who look at him in awe, he has never quite fitted in among his own species.

He was found by researchers in a nature reserve in the Qinling Mountains in central China. At just two months old, the cub had been abandoned by his mother and was barely surviving on his own.

In order to keep the bear safe, the researchers took him to the nearby Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue. However, despite being fed and protected from formidable predators he would have had to face in the wild, life was still a pretty bleak experience for Qizai. The other pandas were spitting with jealousy over his exceptional coat and started to bully the already traumatised cub.

After suffering abuse from the other pandas, Qizai's fate finally changed two years ago when he was moved to Foping Panda Valley in Shaanxi province and met his new owner.

Living the brown panda dream, he has since lived a first-class lifestyle thanks to 26-year-old He Xin who has nurtured him ever since. In doing so, they have both formed an unlikely friendship but then again, this panda's not just any panda.

They spend 18 hours a day in each other's company and Qizai laps up every last minute of it. "He is slower than the other pandas, but he is also cuter," Xin told the MailOnline.

Now weighing 220lbs, the popular bear is arguably the most spoilt panda alive. He's fed an incredible 44 pounds of bamboo a day.

As the brown bear grows older, Chinese experts are now thinking of mating him, according to They would like to study the appearance of Qizai's offspring in order to start understanding the cause of his fur. At the moment they stand in a state of confusion because his mother's fur is believed to be black and white.

According to World Wildlife, there are 1,864 pandas in the world. None quite like Qizai, though. Screw all the other racist pandas. They're just jealous!

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