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You Can Get Nando's Breakfast From One Airport In The UK

You Can Get Nando's Breakfast From One Airport In The UK

The quick pint is a constant, but the food is the wildcard: enter Nando's breakfast

Cameron Frew

Cameron Frew

There's just one airport in the UK where you can get yourself a Nando's breakfast. Just imagine that.

Now, there's nothing quite like heading to the airport early in the morning. Whether it's just past midnight, the early hours or approaching noon, the tiredness just seems to slip away with all the excitement.

It's also a bit like going to a casino because all notions of time go out the window when you get through check-in and security. A bacon roll with a pint of Dark Fruits and a jägerbomb chaser at 5am? Ain't nothing but a thing.

The quick pint is a constant, but the food is the wildcard. And for those who crave a Nando's fix at breakfast time, rejoice: there's one airport you can count on.

Nando's offers breakfast at just one airport.

When London Gatwick's South Terminal Airside became home to a Nando's, it happily served up PERi-PERi chicken to hungry jet-setters. Soon, it introduced breakfast to its menu.

An official Nando's blog post reads: "Being our first-ever airport restaurant, there's definitely something special about Nando's Gatwick. This particular restaurant is open between 4.00am and 10.00pm, meaning Nando's travellers can get their hands on PERi-PERi chicken for breakfast, lunch AND dinner."

"And for those who don't opt for PERi-PERi chicken at 6am in the morning (although, we can't quite get our heads around this!) we're delighted to announce a brand new breakfast menu, exclusive to Nando's Gatwick - South Terminal Airside, which will be served until 11am."

This breakfast menu boasts such items as Spiced Maple Pancakes and Spiced Maple French Toast, which will 'certainly tickle your fancy', Nando's said.

The blog post continues: "And for those still trying to solve the chicken and egg mystery, well, wait till you get a load of the Nando's Benedict, which includes two succulent chicken fillet pieces, two poached eggs and wilted spinach topped with PERi-hollandaise, served on a Portuguese roll spread with chilli jam and a sprinkle of PERi-salt and fresh herbs."

For those who can't get en-oeuf (I'm so sorry) of omelettes, this Nando's is also offering chicken and herb, and spinach, tomato and cheese.

"If you're travelling through Gatwick, try the breakfast. There's nothing plane about it," the post adds.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Nando's

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