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WATCH: Rare Sighting Of 'Natural Predation' As Great White Shark Gobbles Up Baby Seal

WATCH: Rare Sighting Of 'Natural Predation' As Great White Shark Gobbles Up Baby Seal

A rare sighting of a shark performing a 'natural predation' on a lost baby seal is going viral.

Rainer Schimpf, 48, a photographer and dive tour operator often takes tourists out to go shark spotting but on this occasion, saw something he was truly taken aback by.

A baby seal had swam too far from the island where he became vulnerable to predators. When the little seal turned around and realised how far he was away from the island a great white shark came crashing out of the water to gobble him up.

Schimpf said: "Everyone was amazed to see a natural predation. It is not provoked, not baited. This is the true behaviour of a white shark. It is a privilege to see such actions in the wild. It is more rare to see that than any of the five big predators killing an animal in the bush."


So without further ado, nature, take it away...

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Damn nature, you scary.

Words by George Pavlou


Images via Rainer Schimpf/Barcroft Animals

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George Pavlou

Something witty and self-deprecating...