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Donald Trump Is Actually In A Shitload Of Debt According To New Investigation

Donald Trump Is Actually In A Shitload Of Debt According To New Investigation

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Donald Trump has essentially spent the last year telling everyone he can run the United States of America because he has good business acumen.


On the face of it, if that was the yard-stick used to measure how successful a president he'd be, then actually it would be hard to argue against Trump for the top job.

Thankfully, that is not how this sort of thing works. Otherwise I'd currently be the most successful England manager ever leading them to semi-final defeats in every major tournament for a decade off the back of my Football Manager 2006 file with Real Betis where I didn't finish outside the top three in Spain for 16 seasons. Arsene Wenger, eat your fucking heart out.

Enough about my FM06 game though, which was fully lit, and back to Donald Trump and his supposedly spectacular business acumen.

The guy is said to have a fortune of around $4.5 billion, according to Forbes, that he is sat on having built up a huge property portfolio.


However, despite constantly bleating on about his business acumen and how spectacular it is, it turns out that he's actually racked up some serious debt in his time.

The New York Times revealed on Saturday that Trump is at least $650 million in debt while a large proportion of his wealth is tied up in 'passive partnerships'.

Oh, and there's the small matter of $2 billion owed to lenders, some of whom are said to be Chinese - the same Chinese he has accused of wrongdoing previously.

Now, this has all come after an investigation into all publicly available financial documents around Trump as his private tax affairs have yet to be disclosed as he thinks it's none of voters' business.

The investigation doesn't accuse Trump of any wrongdoing but does claim his actual wealth is 'shrouded in mystery'.

According to the New York Times, should Trump become president, he'd be allowed to make major decisions that would have a direct influence on his own business empire.

I'm pretty sure that'd involve a lot of the dodgy goings on he has so often levelled at Hilary Clinton.

But hey, what do I know? I haven't even cleared my student debt yet and I was only at university for three months.

Words by George Pavlou

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