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Professor Stephen Hawking Is Going Into Space

Professor Stephen Hawking Is Going Into Space

He's pretty excited about the whole thing.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Professor Stephen Hawking is ticking off one of his life goals and is setting off into space, thanks to Sir Richard Branson.

The physicist and cosmologist was offered the opportunity for a seat on the Virgin Galactic flight into space, and you better believe he said yes.

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Professor Hawking explained: "I said yes immediately."

He went on to say that his three children have brought him 'great joy', before adding 'and I can tell you what will make me happy, to travel in space'.

Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

Rather you than me, Ste, mate. I can't think of anything worse than being blasted off into space, so much potential for it all to go horribly wrong.

Branson is hoping to begin commercial flights into space for people who seemingly don't care how bloody dangerous it is.

But, as yet, the plan has been held back by a number of problems and disasters. See? Dangerous.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hawking went in on Donald Trump, saying that he worries that with the new president of the United States in charge he won't be welcome in the US.

"His priority will be to satisfy his electorate who are neither liberal, nor that well-informed," he said.

He also expressed his concern about Brexit, saying that leaving the EU could 'threaten Britain's status as a world-leader in science and innovation'.

Interviewer Piers Morgan was clearly super excited to be speaking to the genius. As he began the interview, he gushed to the professor that he had been 'waiting three decades to meet him', to which Hawking replied 'Get on with it'. Top banter.

The pair then shared a pint after the interview, and I never thought I'd say this, but I'm properly jealous of Piers Morgan right now.

Featured Image Credit: PA