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Genius Car Product Changes The Drive-Thru Game Completely

Genius Car Product Changes The Drive-Thru Game Completely

Nowadays inside cars there's a lot that makes life much easier for you.

A standard model typically has at least two cup holders so that you and a passenger don't have to worry about spillage; you usually get the choice of CD, AUX cable or Bluetooth to play music; you can link your phone up if you need to call someone. The list goes on.


However there's one aspect that hasn't been addressed inside cars, and it's affecting frequent Drive-Thru-ers all over the world.

Yeah, the drinks can go in the cup holders, but where do the nuggets and chips go? Leaving them on the passenger seat makes for a very anxious drive, as at any given time a corner could cause the food to slide off. You don't really want them in your lap, either, as although the warmth can be fairly comforting for some, it's just a bit awkward.

That's why the Pilot Automotive PR-039 French Fry Holder is a must for all drivers. Or at least the ones that like eating on the go.


If we're honest the makers have missed a trick, as there's many fast foods that can slot into the holder. Chicken nuggets, for example, or mozzarella dippers, if that's what you're feeling. It doesn't have to be limited to chips.

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Still, the product has gone down a hit, with the top review claiming it made one guy a hero.

"Bought this for my wife as she is a french fry lover to the MAX [sic]," the guy writes. "I gave it to her thinking it was a 'nice' or 'OK' novelty item for the truck. You would have thought it was the Hope Diamond.

"We immediately had to go to Sonic and try it out and it worked well.


"I am her hero. Always have been, but it's refreshing to watch such happiness."

Credit: Amazon

Another fellow, on Facebook, went one step further and suggested a possible upgrade the product could undergo. "If only it plugged into the cigarette lighter to keep the fries warm," Jim Gatesman Jnr, a man clearly with his head strapped on, said.


Meanwhile another absolute killjoy said: "Seriously? This is what the world has come to? Companies shouldn't be glamorizing unhealthy and bad food to consume. As a species we aren't going to go anywhere if we keep thinking it is okay to fuel our bodies with junk."

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