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This Is What Will Happen When The Queen Dies

This Is What Will Happen When The Queen Dies

With the amount of celebrity deaths this year, it's no surprise that people have started wondering who's going to go next. From David Attenborough to Hugh Hefner, pretty much everyone's been discussing what will happen when these big names die.

One person whose death would be particularly interesting is our majesty, the Queen. What's going to happen when she passes away?! Will our money have to be changed straight away? What about stamps?! These are the real issues here.


Recently, our Liz has been suffering from a bit of bad health. This led to a fake news story that she'd died. Bit mean, really.

But here's what will happen when it does inevitably happen...

There'll be 12 days of national mourning

We're all going to have to put on our Union Jack plastic hats and hold our hands over our hearts as the flags across the country are flown at half-mast. According to the Mirror, The London Stock Exchange will be closed for the day of her funeral and possibly for a few days afterwards which could potentially cost the economy billions.

People will visit her body to pay their respects


When the Queen Mother died in 2002, her body lay in state in Westminster Hall so that people could visit her prior to her funeral. Over 200,000 people descended upon Parliament to pay their respects. This will be exactly the same for the Queen, although the expected number of visitors would be considerably more.

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The funeral will be absolutely massive

We can only guess at how many people would travel to London to pay tribute to the Queen. The funeral would be televised and, to put it into perspective, 2.5 billion people tuned in to watch the funeral of Princess Diana back in 1997.

Prince Charles will become King straight away

When the Queen passes away, the National Anthem will be changed, and so will the stamps and currency. Parliament will be recalled to swear loyalty to the new monarch. However, if Charles chooses to abdicate the throne then William would become King.

The accession council would come together at St James' Palace where the new King would be formally declared.

The media will be a bit strange for a while

As you would probably expect, the media is going to have a field day. The BBC will reportedly suspend all programming and, if the Queen dies during the night, it won't be announced until 8am. When it is, her portrait will be on screen along with the National Anthem.

Interestingly, during the 12-day mourning period, the BBC will also reportedly not show any comedy programming.

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