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We Asked Our Readers What They Think Is And Isn't Cheating

We Asked Our Readers What They Think Is And Isn't Cheating

The definition of cheating comes under scrutiny quite often.

What is, and what isn't classed as infidelity is most of the time warped between both genders.

Some will claim that harmless flirting, or texting, with other girls is not cheating, whereas others would say it is. In my opinion, having a flirt isn't cheating, but I still wouldn't do it in a relationship.

However, if whatever you have done comes under question from your other half, and eventually becomes a debate, it's probably cheating.


We came across a stat that showed that over 35% of men think that sexting isn't cheating.

We then decided to ask our readers exactly what they'd class as cheating, with sexting as a reference point.

Some were serious, and a lot of thought went into the responses. Others were, well, different...


"Cheating is definitely from the intention of messaging another girl that isn't your girlfriend. If it's been said on the message the intention is certainly there. I certainly do not agree with it, absolutely no one deserves any sort of unnecessary heart ache. They should be truthful and finish with that person instead of making them feel worthless."

"In my opinion, sexting is cheating. Most definitely. You wouldn't want your girlfriend talking dirty with another lad, so why would it be acceptable vice versa? Anything that you feel you have to hide from your girlfriend (in terms of fraternising with other girls), should be deemed cheating."

"As a wise man once said: 'it's not cheating if there's no kissing' and also: 'it isn't cheating if the tip goes in; any more than that is cheating.' - Inbetweener, Neil Sutherland.


"Tongue punching a girls bum hole is maybe classed as cheating. Hard to say."

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"Yes, I think so. Cheating isn't just a physical act. I'd go as far as saying if you're deleting messages off your phone so your partner won't see them, you're already cheating. Relationships are a partnership, built on trust and honesty. I understand people have friends, but there's a thin line between friendship and anything more, sexting, deleting messages etc is crossing the line. If my girl was sexting someone else, she'd be out."

"I've been in the doghouse since May last year for sexting. I got told that I was cheating - I thought sexting was acceptable."

"I was SEEING a girl, I wasn't even with her. I was on a pissed up night out and kissed another girl. I was then branded as a cheater. In my books, I did sod all wrong. However, from a women's point of view it was extremely wrong for me to do!"


"Cheating is subjective. Everything depends on who you are as a person and your morals. To me, sexting is cheating. If you are expressing your thoughts of intimacy to somebody else you are betraying the person you are bonded to. A relationship is like a contract. All the little things are the terms and conditions and depending on your employer depends on these terms in the contract. In my opinion flirting that goes too far is cheating but I'm a protective guy. But really, I understand sometimes why cheating occurs but if you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are together you have obviously told each other you care and have feelings; relationships aren't just for the shits and giggles they should be serious. So if you are in this relationship and you've stated your feelings you shouldn't breach any care the other person feels for you and for all those lads who've experienced it (or lasses) get out of there quickly if they aren't necessarily having sex with someone but even just sexting. It's still cheating and you can do better if they aren't being loyal to you."


"If someone's actions come under debate about whether or not its cheating - it is. Also if your girlfriend is even considering anything like that she's not really your girlfriend."

"I think that sexting is cheating, because presumably you're going to hide it from your other half, and anything you have to hide from your partner, unless it's a birthday surprise, is bad. You shouldn't have to hide anything from them, especially when it comes to other people of the opposite sex to you. Even flirting, I consider cheating because you're giving someone else that attention that is meant solely for your partner. If I was cheated on I couldn't forgive them, and if I for some strange reason cheated on my partner, I'd never forgive myself."

"Anything is cheating. I am very protective. If my girl be looking at another man, she's cheating. If she wants to borrow someone else's tomato sauce, she's cheating. Why couldn't you borrow my bottle of tomato sauce? That's all I'm saying."

"If you're texting someone and you find yourself doing anything to stop your current partner finding out, then its most definitely wrong. Simple."

"This is just my opinion, but a cheeky (friendly) dance never hurt anyone, neither did a friendly chat in the smoking area with a lass. As long as no physcial contact, phone numbers, or sliver is exchanged then all is good - right?"

What do you think? There's obviously a lot of varied opinions of what cheating actually is, out there.

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