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Your Profile Picture Can Say An Awful Lot About Your Personality

Your Profile Picture Can Say An Awful Lot About Your Personality

There are a lot of variations of profile pictures out there, and subsequently there are a lot of things that reveal what you're like because of them.

For example, a colleague of mine only ever posts pictures with about 1/8th of his face showing. I wondered if there was some kind of deep, underlying, psychological reason for this - but then I realised, it's just because he's an ugly bastard.


Some people don't even include themselves in their profile picture. My nan, for example, has what she thinks is a photo of me when I was two-years-old - the poor woman hasn't got a clue that it's just a random picture of a friend of mine in his infant stage.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study which found that it's easy to predict someone's personality traits simply by looking at their pictures on social media.

Character assessment software was used to analyse the profile pictures of 66,000 Twitter users. A further 434 people were asked to fill in a psychological survey, which helped find more conclusive results.

For example, if you're one of those who has a colourful picture on display, which includes you and your home boys in a club, you tend to be extroverted. However, these people were found tend to upload the worst quality snaps.


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If you display a photograph that doesn't actually include your face, but rather a car, a pet, or favourite football team, you tend to be thought of as more neurotic.

Another group of people who are more inclined to have colourful pictures, are agreeable people. They differ from extroverts because they'll usually have high-quality photographs, which show them smiling, laughing, or having a good time.


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Conscientious people, who are thorough, careful, or vigilant, will have what they'd consider the perfect picture. Light balance, filter game on point, suit looking spick and span, and hair down to a T. It's just a shame that you know that the picture took 72 takes, and was posted on Instagram by their girlfriend.

Finally, people who pose with an object, whatever it may be, and have the highest quality photos, are seen as more open to experiences.

There was no research conducted on people that pout in their profile pictures, however I conducted my own study - bellends.

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