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Adam Hills Responds To The Westminster Attack On 'The Last Leg'

Adam Hills Responds To The Westminster Attack On 'The Last Leg'

The Last Leg Has responded to Wednesday's terror attack at Westminster which saw five people killed and a further fifty critically injured.

Host of the Channel 4 show, Adam Hills, offered his two cents to the tragedy.

He said: "And to the guy who did this, here's what you achieved this week.

"You killed four people, you injured dozens more and when you get to your god, who incidentally is also our god, he's probably going to have a few issues with that.


Video: The Last Leg/Channel 4

"If you're looking up at us right now - because there's no fucking way you're looking down - wondering what effect you had on the people of Great Britain, let me summarise.

"No one is scared, people are resilient, we think you're an idiot, you're dead and even your god thinks you're a dick."

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Hills also had a message for anyone who was plotting to carry out a similar attack.

"Here's my message to anyone planning to carry out another attack," he said. "I've lived in London on and off for fifteen years and I can tell you first hand, this shit never works.

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"It never works. London has seen attack after attack after attack, each with the aim of driving us further apart, and you know what happens? Londoners just band together.

"You know what happened yesterday? Strangers talked to each other on the Tube, they smiled at police officers and they were actually kinder to Muslims.

"You're achieving the opposite of what you want you fucking idiots."

Featured Image Credit: The Last Leg/Channel 4

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