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There's Been An Upgrade To The Tesco Meal Deal, And It's Fancy

There's Been An Upgrade To The Tesco Meal Deal, And It's Fancy

Tesco is making a brave new bid to win the day.

James Dawson

James Dawson

In the race for the lunchtime quid, Tesco is making a brave new bid to win the day.

They added plenty to their package: sourdough bread, more avocado and plenty more options for vegetarians.


Tesco told the Daily Mirror: "We have introduced a range of new products to offer customers more choice within our £3 meal deal. Our innovation has been focused on emerging food trends such as the growth of vegetarian, the rise of avocado and artisan breads such as sourdough.

"Our hero product is the chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich which has received great feedback from customers."

The supermarket giant had been on the back foot for the midday market money after Marks & Spencer extended their meal deal dropped the price to just £3.50. Tesco were adamant that their move was not related to the offensive from Marks and Sparks.

Credit: PA

"The changes to our meal deal aren't as a result of the new M&S deal - our deal was already in place, the meal deal is £3 and was also previously. We've improved our choices."

Social media was predictably alive with joy at the latest additions to the lunchtime repertoire.

"Tesco upgrading their £3 meal deal? Can I get an amen" said Jordan in Paisley, Scotland, while @callchambers in Cardiff, Wales was awestruck, tweeting "When you actually think bout the £3 Tesco meal deal it's value is unbelievable."

Tesco have blown plenty of the competition out of the water with this deal, and now the onus is on Marks & Spencer, Boots - the spiritual home of the meal deal - and Sainsbury's.

As it stands, Tesco is still at least 50 pence cheaper than the more upmarket options, while it offers far more diversity and class than the basic supermarket competitors.

Credit: PA

When you're offering the likes of Chicken avocado and bacon, falafel and beetroot and smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels to start with, you're on to a winner, and Tesco pushes the boat out with posh desserts such as salted caramel tarts, carrot cake bars and a nuts, fruit and dark chocolate bar.

The Dark Ages of the slightly stale cheese and ham sandwich, the mayo and white bread flavoured cardboard, the generic crisps and can of coke combo and the fall apart muffin are well behind us.

Truly, this is a golden age for the lunchtime cheapskate.

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