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Sarah Payne Killer, Roy Whiting, Wants To Change Name If He's Released

Sarah Payne Killer, Roy Whiting, Wants To Change Name If He's Released

The abduction and murder of eight-year-old Sarah Payne in 2000 shocked people across the UK, and indeed the world.

Her killer, jailed in the same year, now wants to change his identity and find a job if he ever gets out of prison - as noted in a letter he has sent, reports the Mirror.


Should he be released, Roy Whiting will be well in his 80s. He's now 58 and serving a minimum of 40 years inside. If he got out, at the earliest possible time, it would be 2041, and he'd be 82.

Credit: PA

The news comes as Sarah's brothers have spoken publicly about their ordeal for the first time in the 17 years since her death.

Brothers Lee and Luke have told of their guilt in being unable to prevent their sister being abducted. The children were playing together in a cornfield when Sarah ran off.


Lee, 13 at the time, said: "I did, for a few years, beat myself up, that if I ran faster I might have caught up with her."

Luke, one year younger than his brother, added: "I don't get a lot of sleep. I dread the night, it's just you and your thoughts."

Sarah's brother, Luke. Credit: Channel 5

Whiting's letters, obtained by the Mirror, speak of being 'like a ship without a rudder' and how he wants to 'drop anchor' when released, with a new identity and possibly a job.

However, he expressed no remorse for his actions, or the impact it has had on Sarah's family - her parents' marriage broke down, and her dad, Michael, died at the aged of 45.

In one letter, he said that he may change his name to Gary in a sick homage to 1980s singer, Gary Numan.

He wrote: "I will be changing my name when I am released but I have not decided what to yet. Any suggestions?

"My first name will be Gary or Ray. When I am released and start again I will be a new man. So maybe Gary Newman ha ha ha.

"At the moment, I am like a ship without a rudder. I'm going around in circles and have no idea where I'm going to drop anchor and start my life again or what I am going to do for a job when I get out."

Credit: PA

He also wrote of a sense of 'injustice' and described how he was 'pissed off with what happened', but added: "My day will come! And people will pay for it."

Whiting, who has become a prison computer cleaner whilst inside, is not allowed to carry a jail ID card in case it is stolen and passed to the outside world to cash in on his bad name.

It took Whiting until 2014 to admit to killing Sarah Payne as he told a court how his face was slashed by a fellow prisoner.

At his initial trail he pleaded not guilty, but during a cross examination he was asked if he had kidnapped and killed Sarah Payne. He replied: "Correct."

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Sarah Payne Killer, Roy Whiting, Wants To Change Name If He's Released

Sarah Payne Killer, Roy Whiting, Wants To Change Name If He's Released

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