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Dad Serves 17 Years For A Crime His Lookalike Committed

Dad Serves 17 Years For A Crime His Lookalike Committed


Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Looking like someone else isn't necessarily a bad thing. For example, if you look like a celebrity then you can really benefit from it.

Not only will you instantly more popular, but there's a high chance you can make some coin from it.

Swedish model Konrad Annerud has made a living off it - as he looks the spit of a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

The 22-year-old has been cashing in on his similarity to the super star and boasts an impressive following on social media.

In other situations, though, it's not so desirable to have a doppelganger. Take Richard Anthony Jones, for example, who served a 17 year prison sentence on the basis that no one could tell the difference between him and his lookalike.

Jones, from Kansas City, was convicted of armed robbery in 1999, based on an eyewitness account. However, the father didn't commit the crime and was released on Thursday due to insufficient evidence, the Daily Mail reports.

Credit: Kansas City Police Department

No physical, DNA or fingerprint evidence relating to Jones was provided so he was eventually allowed home. The feeling is rather bittersweet as he had appealed his imprisonment on many occasions, though was denied each time.

'Ricky', his lookalike, lived in the same area as the crime, but people were unable to tell the two apart.

"I don't believe in luck, I believe I was blessed," Jones told the Kansas City Star after his release.

Richard Anthony Jones (right) Credit: Kansas City Police Department

In order to get out of jail he had to go to he Midwest Innocent Project to help argue his case. It was found that 'Ricky' was in the same prison as him and that the uncanny resemblance may be what's keeping him behind bars.

Despite the lookalike denying committing the crime, he was convicted and Jones was allowed back to his family.

"When it comes to my kids, it's been a rough ride, but they are now at an age where they can understand," he said.

All's well that ends well, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Kansas City Police Department

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