Girl Loses Weight But Is Rinsed For American Football Team She Supports

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Girl Loses Weight But Is Rinsed For American Football Team She Supports

In January 2016, Reddit user brittsuzanne put down the bottle of vodka and checked herself into rehab when she realised she wasn't happy relying on as much alcohol as she did.

Eight and a half months later, sober, and 35 pounds lighter, she posted a before and after picture.

There is no denying that she looks great, and the transformation sparked a lot of comments, but her weight wasn't what the Internet wanted to talk about.


Many were less than impressed. Not by her weight loss, but by what she is wearing in her transformed photograph. "You look great! Now is there a rehab to cleanse Cowboy fandom?" - #banter.

It didn't take long for the ball to really get rolling - and apparently Dallas Cowboys are pretty shit. "It's because of the Dallas jersey. Makes her look like she lost more."

"Sorry for your loss(es)," another read.

And they kept coming: "Holy fucking brutal. Also very true."


So, after Googling the team, it turns out all the above comments are justified (13th in their league rank according to the NFL) - although we are only two weeks into the season. Anything could happen.

Congratulations on turning your life around though. And good luck supporting the Cowboys.

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