LAD Trolls Dan Bilzerian As He Struggles With His Jet Ski

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LAD Trolls Dan Bilzerian As He Struggles With His Jet Ski

Dan Bilzerian, been quiet lately, hasn't he?

Well, no, he hasn't. He's just slipped out of any social relevance all together because people got bored of his obsessive materialistic, arrogant posting across Instagram and Twitter. They couldn't really relate.

But, he's back in the public eye very briefly as someone has taken the piss out of him on Instagram.


Credit: Instagram/versace_tamagotchi

Sadly for Dan, his life had a truly traumatic turn recently when his jet ski got beached, and he really struggled to get it back in the water. Oh the humanity.

The bearded rich bloke was filmed by his mate trying to push it back into the sea so they could go 'fishing', but it was to no avail. You've got to feel for him. We've all been there, haven't we? Not being able to get back on our jet ski and ride the waves.

The sarcastic bloke wrote the caption: "Posting this just so you know not every day me and my best bud @danbilzerian have together is perfect.


"We took Dan's jet ski out this morning to do what we call a 'Malibu Fishing Trip' - it's where we launch Dan's jet ski in Malibu then ride all the way down to the dockside Hooters near the port of long beach (long way I know but we're going fast as shit, obviously).

"Once we get to Hooters, Dan does a ton of donuts and flexes until a bunch of the waitresses run out and try swimming towards him. Then he calls a couple of Uber XL's to take the Hooters waitresses back to his place and we try to race the Ubers back to Malibu hahaha.

"Once we get to Dan's crib you know whats going down. But anywho, we got to Malibu and Dan started having some trouble launching the jet ski, total bummer. I tried to help but he got super agitated. He's been taking Alex Jones' supplements and I think they've been making him a little on edge.

"He told me basically to go wait up here at Nobu until he gets it launched so here I am sucking down a couple Mai Tai's feeling a little dejected to be honest.


"Just posting this for anyone who thinks Dan never struggles - i know it all looks like fun and games but he's had to overcome tons of obstacles just like this to get to where he is. Hopefully he gets it in the water soon so we can do some 'fishing'."

Yeah, his life always looks pretty shite, doesn't it...

Wait until next week when he unfortunately has to remove a leaf from his Ferrari's windscreen, only drink two bottles of Champagne and can't go on his yacht because it's a bit windy.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Credit: Instagram/versace_tamagotchi

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