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This Bag Which Makes You Look Like A Lego Man Is Sick

This Bag Which Makes You Look Like A Lego Man Is Sick

Dreams do come true.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Have you ever been to LegoLand? If not, ask yourself why, then re-evaluate your life and go as soon as possible.

There's no question that living as a Lego man is better than living like an normal human. Everything is awesome.

Students from New York's School of Visual Arts have created a bag that makes you look like a Lego man (sort of) and it's half way to making dreams come true.

The handles give the illusion that you have the famous yellow Lego hands. The hands are obviously bad for some things... but nothing immediately springs to mind.

If anything it will make you look like a bit of a dork, and the bag isn't the most practical thing in the world, buy hey, it's a solid slice of childhood, I guess.

Featured image credit: Adeevee/New York School of Visual Arts

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