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Twelve-Year-Old Girl Who Kills Animals For Fun And Poses Next To Them Vows To Never Stop

Twelve-Year-Old Girl Who Kills Animals For Fun And Poses Next To Them Vows To Never Stop

Featured image credit: Aryanna Gourdin - Braids and Bows via Facebook

I feel like it's unnecessary to state the obvious, but I'm going to do it anyway - killing animals for fun is the highest level of shithousery.


Posing next to a shot animal, who moments before was helplessly caught in the crosshairs of a hunter's gun, is not something someone should ever be proud of.

Aryanna Gourdin, a 12-year-old 'serial trophy hunter', has vowed to never stop killing animals despite claiming to love them.

The young girl posts pictures of all the animals she kills to her Facebook page, which she most recently did with a giraffe that she shot in South Africa.

The pictures of her posing next to the beautiful creature, with one of them showing her holding the giraffe's heart, sparked a huge backlash.


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"I'm a hunter and no matter what people say to me I'm never going to stop," she said. "It's something that I cherish and I enjoy and I want other people to see what I've been able to ­experience. I want other women and youth to get into the hunting experiences. It's just awesome.

"We love animals, too. It's just, we also love hunting. I would never back down from hunting."

It seems like a ridiculous claim to say that she loves animals, yet urges more people to get into killing them. No. Just fucking no.

According to Aryanna, the giraffe she killed was old and apparently a danger to the rest of its herd. Therefore, her excuse for killing it was to free up resources for other animals, ensuring "the species survives". She also said that the dead animal would provide food for orphanages and villages in the area.

"Trophy hunting is cruel and does nothing to support conservation in Africa," Masha Kalinina, an International Trade Policy Specialist, said. "Humanity and compassion is the kindest example we can set for the next generation.

"Trophy hunting is short-term financial gain for long-term loss, not just for the animal kingdom but also because killing off charismatic species deprives local economies of ecotourism ­opportunities."

Despite the backlash and negative response to most of the girl's pictures, she insists she'll continue to go on hunting trips with her father, Eli, who says they're 'proud to be hunters and we'll never apologise for being a hunter'.

This is so wrong.

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