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Turns Out You Need Food To Live: Breatharianism Debunked

Turns Out You Need Food To Live: Breatharianism Debunked

Ready to have your mind blown with an utterly outrageous little-known fact?

Okay, brace yourself for this one: did you know... that the human body needs regular nutritional sustenance in order to survive and function correctly?


Of course you fucking did, because everybody does.

You don't even need to know it - your body actually tells you.

That rumbling in your stomach at around 7pm every day? That's your body telling you to feed it some pie and mash.

It's as simple as that.

But in the face of all the hard, demonstrable, actual physical scientific evidence there are still people (such as the couple who LADbible wrote about recently) that reckon they can just stuff their faces with the universe's energy - or, as you and I know it, THIN. FUCKING. AIR.


Credit: News Dog Media

Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castello are 'Breatharians', which in layman's terms means that they don't think the human body needs food and water to survive, and accordingly they claim to eat only a few bits of fruit per week.

Thankfully though, as is usually the case, logic has prevailed - an expert at the International Food Information Council has weighed in on the topic with a fat slice of steaming hot facts to accompany Ricardo and Camila's fruit and thin air.

"You need protein to build muscle and you need fat to support your nervous system and for heart health, and you need carbohydrates to keep your energy up and to feed your brain," said Liz Sanders, a registered dietician nutritionist and the director of research and partnerships at the nonprofit International Food Information Council.

Liz told Mashable that the odd bit of fruit here and there simply is not going to cut it when it comes to getting the nutrition you need, although Camila said that she even kept this diet up through not one, but two pregnancies.

"If you're only eating fruit, you're not getting the fat your baby needs to build a healthy nervous system, the protein they need to build muscle - all of that," Sanders said. Doctors usually recommend for pregnant women to eat well over their recommended calorie intake.

She added: "This is a pretty hard and fast 'don't try this at home'. You would be hard-pressed to find any health professional who would recommend [the Breatharian diet] to anybody."

"If you subsisted on that, you would be emaciated and pretty much unable to function normally," Sanders said. "That's a dangerous diet to subsist on... and during pregnancy, it's extremely dangerous."

So, it looks like either these two are either superhuman, or are smashing in the occasional half-pounder when no one's looking. We'll leave that to you to decide.

Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: News Dog Media


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Turns Out You Need Food To Live: Breatharianism Debunked

Turns Out You Need Food To Live: Breatharianism Debunked

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