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$42 Wagyu steak sandwich served at Miami Formula 1 gets dubbed 'Fyre Festival vibes'

Rachel Lang

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$42 Wagyu steak sandwich served at Miami Formula 1 gets dubbed 'Fyre Festival vibes'

Getting something to eat at a sporting match, music festival, or any similar event is often an expensive journey through the foodie equivalent to hell.

And it appears that the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix was no exception.

In fact, the food was far worse than 'hellish'. We don't actually have a word strong enough to sum up the terrible quality in a nuanced way, so let us explain.


One, because the food looked like it had been cooked up in a kitchen manned by the human equivalent of a fart.

And two, because of the price tag. Seriously, some menu items were so expensive you'd need to get a mortgage out to afford a snack.

It apparently repulsed What Bitcoin Did show podcast host Peter McCormack, because he took to social media to share the USD$42 (AUD$62, £33) 'wagyu steak sandwich' he purchased at the race.

And we use inverted commas here intentionally.


Seriously, this sandwich looks like it has been dropped in a puddle.

"$42 wagyu steak sandwich at Miami F1. Fyre Festival vibes," he wrote on Twitter, referencing the utter failure of a music festival that left hundreds stranded with no food or water on a Bermudian island.

What food they did have at Fyre Festival was bargain-bin school canteen food, even though it was marketed off the idea that the music festival would be held on an exclusive island in opulent luxury with models and A-listers.


Obviously, that was very much not the case.

Anyway, back to the sandwich equivalent of a smelly armpit.

In the image, a limp piece of bread can be seen with some sort of brown sauce and a few thin slices of some sort of mystery meat slapped on for good measure.


And, unless it had crawled off the plate and escaped, there was no steak to be seen of any kind.

Social media users were left stunned by the delicacies on offer. with one person saying: "Wagyu?? I know a piece of Hillshire Farm honey ham when I see it."

A second added: "Wagyu must’ve been the name of the flamingo they shaved this from."


Big yikes.

Another Twitter user hit him back with a photo of their own, sharing a copy of the Grand Prix Miami 'menu' with horrifically highly priced chow.

For instance, if you and three friends fancied some chilled prawns with mustard and cocktail sauce, you'd have to fork out USD$500 (AUD$737, £396).

Or say you fancy a bit of fruit? Perhaps you're trying to keep your waistline in check and want a healthy snack.

Well, that'd set you back a cool $295 (AUD$434, £233) for four people.

By the way, that's for a bit of pineapple, watermelon, stone fruit, rambutan, kiwi and coconut granita.

Or, if money isn't an issue, and if you can afford to eat anything on the menu, you could dine on a caviar culinary treat for a paltry USD$400 (AUD$589, £317) per ounce, or 28 grams.

Now that's what we call a tasty bargain.

The Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix was approached for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Peter McCormack. Independent Photo Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

Topics: Sport, Food And Drink, Weird

Rachel Lang
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