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New Warzone Map Update: Season 3, Nuke Event Part 2 UK Time

Robert Mann

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New Warzone Map Update: Season 3, Nuke Event Part 2 UK Time

Verdansk has been blown to pieces during an end-of-season event that saw a nuclear bomb dropped on the battle royale's iconic city.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty's eagerly-awaited Season 3 update launched on Thursday - check out the action-packed trailer below:

Yesterday evening, the Warzone map went up in smoke - although we won't know what the aftermath looks like for a little while longer.


It saw the first part of a live event kick off - The Destruction of Verdansk - with players instructed to stay alive during a zombie event.

A nuke was dropped on the city of Verdansk in Call of Duty's Warzone
A nuke was dropped on the city of Verdansk in Call of Duty's Warzone

However, regardless of how they fared, the event revealed a cutscene of a tactical nuke firing off from a mystery silo and destroying the map.

Now, we're waiting for Part 2, and we know when it's coming.


Here, LADbible takes a look at everything you need to know about the second part of the nuke event...

When is the next part of the Warzone nuke event?

According to the Call of Duty Twitter page, part two of the event kicks off on April 22 at 8pm (BST).


Until then, there's a new nighttime playlist on Rebirth Island that you can enjoy, full of clues about the likely new version of Verdansk that we're about to visit for the first time.

It follows the Season 3 update that went live at 5am.

The last battle pass for Warzone had a countdown to let players know how much longer they had to get through its tiers and unlock all of its content, and that countdown ended on April 21.


Will Warzone have a new map?

Warzone players have long been waiting to explore a full-sized new map for the game.

For a long time, the common assumption was that players would get a map set in the Ural mountains, bringing in a bunch of multiplayer locations that were set in that locale.

Recent leaks, however, have indicated that this map was shelved a long time ago, in favour of a new version of Verdansk that will replace the current map at the start of third season.


It is believed that the iconic city - recently obliterated by a tactical nuke - will be set in the 1980s, trying to get the game into the timeline used by Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Images and footage of the map surfaced after an early version of a new trailer for the game leaked, but Activision has been carefully scrubbing them from the internet with copyright claims.

It looks like the map's layout will be the same, but key landmarks will be noticeably different, with a less built-up Downtown, a stadium that has far less of a roof, and no dam at all - instead, there's a tall bridge to navigate.

Whether a re-skin of Verdansk goes down well with the community is anyone's guess, but it's looking like the most likely map change right now.

What's coming to Season 3?

Season 3 has technically already kicked off and it's brought a lot of changes to the formula that has made Warzone so popular - with plenty of different elements to consider.

A mainstay of Warzone's battle pass system is the introduction of at least one new operator to act as the front for the season.

Past passes have introduced Naga, Captain Price and Ghost - so we could welcome someone recognisable from the series' campaigns.

Be ready to see a lot of players running around donning the new skins released in the battle pass, in particular Wraith, featured in the promotional material.

The expected size of the update file is a relatively merciful 25GB - so make sure you start downloading as soon as you can.

Topics: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty

Robert Mann
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