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You've got to brie kidding me: 60 illegal wheels of cheese seized in border bust

You've got to brie kidding me: 60 illegal wheels of cheese seized in border bust

It's safe to say her plot was filled with a lot of holes, sort of like swiss cheese. Get it?

A woman received a hefty fine after she attempted to smuggle 60 wheels of cheese across the US border.

While we’re all guilty of indulging in a lavish charcuterie board from time to time, this woman takes the dedication of cheese lovers to new heights.

Cheddar luck next time!

Food and Wine reported that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) working at the Paso Del Norte border revealed that they had discovered a New Mexico native trying to smuggle 100 pounds (45.3 kg) worth of cheese in her vehicle.

El paso border
Witold Skrypczak / Alamy Stock Photo

While the woman declared that she would be bringing in 10 wheels of cheese, officers found an additional 50 wheels under a blanket in her trunk upon further inspection.

Now how did she think for one second that a mere blanket to cover it up was a gouda idea?

After the woman had her cheese seized, she was fined $1000 (AUD $1,451 or £855); however, she was allowed to continue driving in the US.

US CBP also stated that while significant amounts of cheese are allowed, they must be for personal consumption.

“Travellers can import cheese commensurate with personal consumption levels,” said CBP El Paso Port Director Ray Provencio via a statement.

“A few wheels would generally be fine but not 60. It was undeclared and that amount would be a commercial quantity and additional reporting requirements would apply.”

While butter and many cheeses are subject to quota restrictions administered by both CBP and the Department of Agriculture, milk and cream may not be imported without a permit from the FDA.

CLEMENT-MANTION Pierre-Olivier / Alamy Stock Phot

Though the FDA guidelines allow most fromages to enter the country, cheese lovers would be shocked to find that particularly exotic types aren’t always guaranteed.

Purchasing director for Eataly USA, which stocks up to 60 types of cheeses in the US, Dino Borri told Vogue that you can only import cheeses that are aged more than 60 days, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano and Pecorino.

However, you can’t import fresh cheese that isn’t pasteurised as the FDA deems it a health risk.

But according to Borri, this has led to an underground black market.

He added: “People are coming over to the US and saying, ‘I was just in Italy. I had this amazing cheese there. Why don’t you have it?’ 

“People understand what is good and what is not, and the demand is growing for weirder, more interesting cheeses.”

Well, by the looks of it, it ain't easy being cheesy in the US right now.

Featured Image Credit: REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez/Alamy. Martin Bond/Alamy

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