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'Largest cat anyone has ever seen' gets adopted quickly after going viral online

'Largest cat anyone has ever seen' gets adopted quickly after going viral online

Patches tips the scales at a massive 40.3 pounds, which equates to 18.3 kilograms.

A positively ginormous cat has found his fur-ever home after becoming an instant hit on the internet.

Patches weighs a phenomenal 40.3 pounds, which equates to 18.3 kilograms.

According to WebMD for pets, most domestic cats should weigh about 10 pounds, or 4.5 kilograms, though size can vary depending on breed and frame of the animal.

However, there is no doubt that Patches is drastically overweight, with staff at Virginia's Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) calling the fat feline 'the largest cat anyone has ever seen'.

They shared images of the podgy pussy online, alongside the caption: "We love that belly."

The post soon went viral, racking up nearly 3,500 likes, 1,700 comments, and 1,800 shares.

And, thankfully, someone saw the post and also fell in love with that tubby tummy.

Patches the massive monster moggy has now been adopted, with some kind hearted animal lover responding to the ad that called for someone with the 'commitment to help Patches get to a safe and healthy weight'.

RACC director Christie Chipps Peters revealed that Patches and his gigantic belly came to the shelter at his current size.

"We don’t know how he got so big," she said.

Chipps Peters added: "The new owner is lovely and has a plan in place to help him lose weight slowly and safely."

Patches found his new home thanks to a few social media posts by the shelter that went gangbusters.

They shared an amusing video online depicting two staff members struggling to carry Patches from his cage.

In their plea for the perfect pet owner, RACC wrote: "Did you wake up today and say, 'let’s adopt the largest cat anyone has ever seen?' If so, we have the cat for you."

The advert added: "Meet Patches; all 40.3 POUNDS of him.

"He’s been relagated to a very special diet, is on an exercise plan and is very sweet. He’s neutered, tested, chipped and ready to go today."


RACC added: "Until then, we will marvel at his gloriously gluttoness body."

And marvel they did.

Because look at that tubby tabby.

But, while chonky animals with bountiful booties might be adorable, Patches' massive weight puts his health at serious risk.

In fact, Guinness World Records actually discontinued the category of 'heaviest cat' in 1998 to deter people from over-feeding their pets just to appear in their annual records book.

The last cat listed by Guinness as the heaviest was Himmy, who came in at a massive 46 pounds, or 21.3 kilograms.

He died in 1986.

Rest in peace, you giant, giant boy.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS.

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