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Adele fans stunned as she announces she’s extending residency on final night of tour

Adele fans stunned as she announces she’s extending residency on final night of tour

The successful run of Las Vegas shows are being extended by the 'Someone Like You' artist.

Adele has announced that she will be extending her stay at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas so that she can perform to even more of her adoring fans.

You can watch her announcement here:

During what was set to be her last performance on Saturday (25 March), she told fans at the show the exciting news.

"Playing to four thousand people for 34 nights is not enough. And I know it's not enough, so I am coming back," said the 34-year-old musician.

And it's safe to say the the crowd was very please as they roared with joy.

A fan on Twitter shared footage of the news.

"And after a few weeks in June I'm going to film it and I'm going to release it to make sure that anyone that wants to see it can see the show," she continued, adding, "And then I'll be back from August until the end of Fall."

Adele has had an overwhelmingly positive response to her shows so far, with both her and her fans bringing their A-game with them to each show.

She praised them, saying: "It's such a f****g vibe in this room."

The 'Skyfall' singer didn't have the best start to her Vegas residency, as the show had to be postponed in 2022 due to delivery delays and members of the crew falling ill with COVID-19.

At the time, Adele took to Instagram to apologise to fans for the delay, saying that the show wouldn't be ready in two weeks due to so many people being off sick.

The singer said that she was 'heartbroken' because she knew that people had made plans, booked plane tickets, organised hotel rooms and were very excited to see her perform her new album and her old hits.

She added that her team had been up for more than 30 hours trying to work out a way that the residency can go on but they'd been forced to postpone it.

The show was eventually ran from November 2022 to March 2023, and it certainly was a showstopping event to say the least.

The singer told the audience that the next shows would be turned into a film so fans who couldn't make it would be able to watch.

She later told Elle that the postponement was the 'worst moment of her career by far'.

"I was so excited about those shows. It was devastating." she said.

"There was just no soul in it. The stage setup wasn't right. It was very disconnected from me and my band, and it lacked intimacy. And maybe I tried too hard to give it those things in such a controlled environment."

However, Adele said that she was 'proud of herself' for making such a bold decision.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@vanessacmrtnz

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