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Adult film star says having 'black market surgery' wasn’t worth it over fears she could die

Adult film star says having 'black market surgery' wasn’t worth it over fears she could die

Emma Rose opened up about the dangers of having unregulated and unlicensed surgery

A transgender adult film star has opened up about her fears after having dangerous 'black market surgery'.

Many countries across the world are seeing rollbacks on transgender people's rights, including the accessibility of gender-affirming care.

With safer options becoming increasingly inaccessible, some transgender people feel they have no choice but to risk black market surgery. This is both unregulated and highly dangerous.

Emma Rose opened up about her experiences.
YouTube/Matt Cullen

This, combined with the fact that a disproportionate number of trans women work in the sex industry, only adds to both the pressures and vulnerability they face.

Transgender adult film star Emma Rose has revealed her own experiences and fears with black market surgery.

The practice sadly remains prevalent as long waiting lists and prohibitive costs of private practices bar many trans people from getting the treatment they need in a safe and secure environment.

Unfortunately, Emma has already felt the effects of black market treatments after getting implants in her buttocks.

Speaking to Matt Cullen on the YouTube series Our Queer Life, she said: "So many girls ask me about getting silicone and I'm like 'don't do it.' I want to get it taken out when I'm 30.

Emma Rose has spent $100,000 (£80,000) on surgeries since 2017.
YouTube/Matt Cullen

"I'm so scared that instead of sucking it out I'm going to have to have it cut out and then need a blood transfusion. I can't sit for very long on a hard service. I try to lay on my side as much as possible.

"I'm still scared of complications. If I get into a car wreck and it smashes my side and it goes into my bloodstream, I'm going to die. After getting it done I was like 'was that worth it?' Probably not."

Emma confirmed that she has spent a staggering $100,000 (£80,000) on surgeries since she began transitioning in 2017.

The lack of regulation on black market procedures also makes it difficult to know just how prevalent the practice is. Outside of testimonies such as Emma's there is little way to gauge how many people are choosing this option.

The impact that the high proportion of sex work has, such as wider perceptions of the trans community as inherently sexualised and the sociological and psychological impact on transgender individuals is still woefully misunderstood.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ Matt Cullen

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