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First Photos Released Of Brit Soldier Fighting In Ukraine Since Being Captured By Russians

First Photos Released Of Brit Soldier Fighting In Ukraine Since Being Captured By Russians

Aiden Aslin was fighting alongside Ukrainian troops when they were forced to give up their position in Mariupol.

The captured British fighter Aiden Aslin has been photographed for the first time since being caught by Russian troops after his regiment were forced to surrender their position in the Ukraine.

The 28-year-old who has dual British-Ukrainian citizenship was fighting alongside Ukrainian forces in the beleaguered city of Mariupol, which has been the target of Russia's heaviest bombing during their war on Ukraine.

They were forced to surrender their position a few days ago, with the area now seemingly a matter of days from full Russian control.

Now, a photo of Aslin shows the soldier with gashes and a swollen eye, as well as sporting a cut across his head.

It's been released amidst fears that he may be tortured as a prisoner of war and its publication is said to be motivated by propaganda, according to the Daily Mirror.

The first pictures of Aiden Aslin have been released following his capture by Russian forces.

The picture was shared by a pro-Donetsk People's Republic Telegram account on Twitter, with Aslin wearing wristcuffs. Although there are fears around the fate that the soldier might suffer, there is hope that he may be released as part of a prisoner exchange.

Aslin has fought for the country's marines for four years and is originally from Newark, Nottinghamshire. He's previously also fought Isis in Syria.

Robert Jenrick, the MP for Aiden's hometown of Newark in Nottinghamshire, tweeted yesterday: "I am working with ⁦the foreign office⁩ to track the whereabouts and secure the release of my constituent.

"Aiden chose to risk his life because he believes passionately in the Ukrainian people’s right to live in freedom and democracy."

Aiden was captured a few days ago.

Aslin goes under the name Cossack Gundi or Johnny online, and a friend has been running his social media accounts of late, providing updates - it was here where news of his surrender was broken.

“We've gotten word from Johnny," the post read.

"'It's been 48 days, we tried our best to defend Mariupol but we have no choice but to surrender to Russian forces.

“'We have no food and no ammunition. It's been a pleasure everyone, I hope this war ends soon.’"

The account added: “We're putting this out after direct consultation with his family.

“Until we're told otherwise we'll continue working on sharing the facts of the war.

“Hope for a prisoner exchange.”

It is not yet known where he is being held however.

The account has since posted: "Just got this, it looks as if they have gotten ahold of Aiden... pukes have worked him over too by the looks of it.

"We're going to keep in the public eye every day until he's exchanged."

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Featured Image Credit: Telegram

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