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Alan Sugar Paid Himself One Of The Largest Ever Handouts To A UK Boss

Alan Sugar Paid Himself One Of The Largest Ever Handouts To A UK Boss

The massive sum was revealed after his company's accounts were released last week

Alan Sugar reportedly paid himself one of the largest ever hand-outs to a UK boss last year.

And what did he do to deserve this massive payout, I hear you ask? 

Well, according to the Daily Mail, it was based on the historic success of his business, Amshold. 

The company deals in property trading, investment, and provision and management services, a far cry from his humble beginnings selling electronics out of a van. 

Amshold is completely owned by Lord Sugar and the Daily Mail has claimed it returned a £47 million pre-tax profit on a turnover of £79 million in the year up to June. 


Reports show the company currently has around £271 million worth of property in its possession, which may explain the hefty £390 million ($527 million) payout Sugar gave to himself last year - which is the equivalent to more than £1 million per day.

This is one of the biggest pay cheques ever handed to a British boss.

But despite the 74-year-old's eye-watering pay slip, Lord Sugar is still not the best paid-boss ever in the UK. 

Denise Coates, who is joint chief executive of the online gambling firm Bet365, made headlines last year following reports of her £469 million (£635 million) salary and dividends. 

Lord Sugar’s tasty bonus follows news of his harsh words for young people, who he believes are lazy and lack a good old-fashioned work ethic. 

The Apprentice host recently told The Sun: “Young people these days tend to be IT literate and become programmers. 

“And companies like Google, Facebook or Twitter have this ‘come and go as you fancy’ idea and they let them sit on bean bags and flick elastic bands at each other.” 

He added: “A lot of people are searching for a cushy number, a cushy job, cushier the better. I have seen this in some of our companies as some young people think, ‘Oh bloody hell, he actually wants me to work. S**t’.”

Eagle-eyed individuals quickly noted his controversial comments coincided with the return of The Apprentice, due back on our screens tomorrow (6 January). 


Early last year, a previous contestant on The Apprentice dished the dirt on what it’s actually like to appear on the show. 

Lottie Lion kicked off a TikTok video by telling her followers that Lord Alan Sugar's little quips and jokes aren't off-the-cuff - they're scripted and he actually has a list of them written down that he ticks off as he goes along. 

Furthermore, if any lazy folks are reading thinking they might apply, then Lion has some bad news - because that 4am wake-up call you see is the real deal. Contestants really only do have 20 minutes to get themselves ready before the cars arrive to pick them up. 

Not really our cup of tea...

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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