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Aldi responds to furious Brits as Prime drink causes store chaos

Aldi responds to furious Brits as Prime drink causes store chaos

Lots of shoppers were angry they couldn't get one, while others were annoyed that they got embroiled in the chaos

Spare a thought for Aldi's social media team, who are currently spending their days responding to customers about the Prime Hydration drink.

The German supermarket has been flogging the highly sought after beverage for a limited time only, prompting manic scenes in supermarkets.

See for yourself here:

The drink - created by former rivals KSI and Logan Paul - was introduced to shelves as a 'Specialbuy', meaning they'd be up for grabs until they sold out.

People queued up from 6am to get their hands on one, and although Aldi introduced measures to try and satisfy demand – including limiting customers to just one of each of the three flavours available per person – it didn't prevent absolute havoc from unfolding.

Now, Aldi is busy fielding questions from angry customers.

The bottles are being touted on resale sites at ridiculous prices.

One such customer tweeted: "When will be be able to buy Prime energy drinks again in stores?

"It is ridiculous how you let them go in like ten minutes and how you allowed this carnage to happen. You should have staggered putting it on the shelves to allow everyone a chance. #IWantABottleOfPrime"

Responding to the customer, Aldi wrote: "As with all our Specialbuys, Prime was available for a limited period only and has sold out.

"We don’t currently plan on restocking Prime at this time, but we will communicate if and when it is available again in future."

Aldi said it was 'sorry to hear' the account of another woman, who wrote: "Turned up to get nappies only this morning for my 4 week old son, arrived to be told I still need to join the same queue for this stupid prime drink to get into store.

"I only want 1 pack of nappies! 42 minutes in the queue. Shocking. Shame on your management team."

Another furious shopper alleged that staff bought bottles in one branch before customers had a chance.

They tweeted: "Shame on you. Local store was selling Prime to staff before doors opened.

"Whilst shopping in my local store staff were discussing how they didn't care people were upset they'd been working since 6am and why shouldn't they buy them. Now on local selling sites for £25.

"It was total chaos which was made worse that staff were allowed to keep stock back for themselves and then laugh at the children who were upset."


They didn't offer up any evidence to support this claim, but Aldi said it was 'sorry to hear this' and that a 'member of the email team will respond as soon as they reach your email'.

Meanwhile, one customer was keen to know whether the drink would be returning to shelves - so that he could avoid the shop if so.

He wrote: "@AldiUK are planning on getting more stock of #primedrink at your Rustington branch tomorrow?

"I don't want any I just would rather not go shopping with a bunch of feral brainless animals who do want some."

Once again, Aldi's team informed the customer that it was a Specialbuy, meaning that once it's gone, it's gone.

An Aldi spokesperson told LADbible: "We're sorry that some customers were unable to get their hands on this product, however, demand has been extremely high.

"We limited customers and colleagues to purchasing one of each variant so that as many people as possible had a chance to buy it."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/SocialZonePromo/Jenny4061

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