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Aldi introduces strict rule as new Prime bottles go on sale in UK tomorrow

Aldi introduces strict rule as new Prime bottles go on sale in UK tomorrow

The supermarket is restocking the popular drink

Get ready to go wild in aisles once again, as the unbelievably popular Prime is set to land in Aldi stores tomorrow (Tuesday 18 April).

Cast your mind back to late last year, and you may remember there were chaotic scenes in the budget retailer as shoppers scrambled to get their hands on a bottle - you can click here for a reminder of how that looked:

The drink, which was launched by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, became an overnight sensation when it went on sale, with bottles selling for hundreds of pounds online, scraps breaking out in supermarkets, and the bloke from Wakey Wines going viral about once a week.

Now Aldi is poised for a restock and this time will be flogging six flavours, including Lemon Lime and Meta Moon, for £1.99 a pop.

In a post on Twitter, Aldi teased: “Getting prepped and PRIMEd for a popular product that may be returning tomorrow… @PrimeHydrate @prime_tracker” before confirming a rule for shoppers.

Aldi will be stocking six flavours of Prime from tomorrow.

Aldi has stated that the drinks would be on sale on a strictly one flavour per customer basis.

In a post to a shopper, Aldi added: “You can choose from six different flavours, including the new KSI Limited Edition Orange and Mango, Meta Moon, Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, Lemon and Lime, and Ice Pop.” But just the one of each, OK?

The sugar-free beverage is 10 percent coconut water and contains electrolytes, B vitamins and BCAAs, if you’re interested.

And if you do fancy trying to bag yourself a bottle then don’t hang around, because last time Aldi had them on sale they sold out in next to no time.

So much so, that Aldi even released a statement apologising to shoppers who missed out.

The drink has been a phenomenal success.
Michael Kemp / Alamy Stock Photo

The supermarket said at the time: "We’re sorry that some customers were unable to get their hands on this product, however, demand has been extremely high.

"We limited purchases to one of each variant per customer so that as many customers as possible had a chance to buy it."

And, as with all Aldi Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Responding to one shopper who missed back in December, Aldi said: "As with all our Specialbuys, Prime was available for a limited period only and has sold out.

"We don’t currently plan on restocking Prime at this time, but we will communicate if and when it is available again in future."

On your marks, get set and all that…

Featured Image Credit: AKP Photos / Alamy Stock Photo / Michael Kemp / Alamy Stock Photo

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