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Court rules nudist can continue to walk streets naked

Court rules nudist can continue to walk streets naked

Alejandro Colomar has won a battle against fines handed down because of his nudity at a court in Valencia

A court in Spain has ruled that a man can walk around the streets naked if he wants, after previously having fined him for doing it.

It would be something of an understatement to suggest that Alejandro Colomar likes being naked.

The 29-year-old computer scientist likes being nude so much that he has been fighting against fines and legal action to protect his right to wander about with no clothes on.

In the end, he’s won his battle as well, arguing that he is not doing any of it for some sort of unusual sexual reason, just because he wants to and prefers nakedness.

He claims he has been attending nudist beaches in Spain since he was a child, but started wandering around a few streets near his house back in 2020.

Alejandro also likes a nude cycle, it seems.
Al Rojo Vivo/Telemundo

Colomar claims that nobody has a problem with it, and he’s within his rights to do so.

To be fair to him, public nudity is not a crime in most of Spain under a ruling made in 1988.

Although some places such as Barcelona and Valladolid do have rules against it, for the most part, it is fine.

It certainly is in Alejandro’s home town of Aldaia.

In the end, Alejandro’s case was upheld by the Spanish high court in Valencia, who ruled he had ‘limited himself to remaining or circulating naked at different times in two different streets of Aldaia,’ and that his actions did not imply an ‘alteration of citizen security, tranquility or public order’, according to reports from Reuters.

Even the court case was a bit controversial, with Colomar only turning up to one sitting with his shoes and socks on.

He was denied entry to the court, only later being admitted when he put some clothes on.

For his part, Colomar says that people have been broadly supportive of him, but that didn’t stop him from accruing fines up to around £2,500.

On those fines, he said: "The fine doesn't make any sense,

"They accused me of obscene exhibitionism.

“According to the dictionary that implies sexual intent and (that) has nothing to do with what I was doing."

Now, he can cycle where he pleases - within reason.
Al Rojo Vivo/Telemundo

Alejandro’s attorney Pablo Mora said he was fined for violating some of the city laws of Valencia that cover extreme nudism, although he was not in contravention of those laws.

He said: “It is understood that obscene exhibitionism is to masturbate or do really obscene acts, the mere fact of going naked we understand that it is a manifestation of Alejandro’s ideological freedom.”

The high court in Valencia did acknowledge that there was a ‘legal vacuum’ in Spanish law surrounding public nudity.

Alejandro certainly exposed that, amongst other things.

Featured Image Credit: Telemundo

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