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Terrifying Moment Alton Towers Guests Are Forced To Climb Down Oblivion Roller Coaster

Terrifying Moment Alton Towers Guests Are Forced To Climb Down Oblivion Roller Coaster

Alton Towers revellers were escorted down from Oblivion.

As the UK scorched in the hottest day on record, some poor souls trapped on a rollercoaster at Staffordshire's Alton Towers theme park had to walk down a flight of stairs 65ft back to ground level as the mercury neared 40C.

If literal fires on the motorway weren't enough to convince you to stay inside during this horrifically scorching weather, this story might.

Yesterday, 19 July, theme park revellers wound up stuck in intense heat on the rollercoaster Oblivion. I mean, why choose the hottest day on record for a trip to a theme park?

For those unfamiliar with Oblivion, the ride suspends you in mid-air just before a 180ft drop into an underground tunnel in a bone-chillingly scary moment, which lasted longer than expected for some passengers yesterday because ride got stuck.

The Staffordshire ride suddenly stopped and one reveller, Dean, took to Twitter to share a play-by-play of what happened next.

"An Oblivion shuttle has stopped at the top, I’m sure the magical bottles of water will be straight out in this heat," the theme park goer said.

In an update we're sure you're on the edge of your seats for, the water did, in fact, make it on board.

The passengers were safely escorted down.

Dean provided live commentary of the disembarking process as he confirmed the thrill-seekers were safely led down from the rollercoaster.

"Evacuation procedure has started, the yellow fences are out on the break run," Dean continued.

"Preparations are underway to evacuate the riders from the shuttle at the top, clearly the ride cannot be re-started at this point in time!

"Guests are now being evacuated from the top, they have remained safe throughout the evacuation, with bottled water provided, and a harness to walk back down to the ground!"

A long walk we should imagine, given the drop and the heat.

However, Alton Towers were quick to reassure the public that the ride was working exactly as it was supposed to, with a spokesperson for the company speaking out about the incident.

They said: "The ride performed exactly as it is designed to do. In line with our well-rehearsed procedures, guests were assisted from the ride and were immediately given water, food, hats and all left happy to continue on with their day at the park. At no point was guest safety compromised."

Hat, anyone?

Aye, you might have had an impromptu 65ft high walk in record-breaking weather, but at least you got a hat.

Still, not everyone was sympathetic towards the thrill seekers, with Twitter users quickly chiming in to comment on the situation.

One said: "Serves them right. Fancy going to Alton Towers in this weather. Alton Towers visitors forced to climb down from Oblivion."

While another wrote: "Given we’ve been encouraged to stay indoors and not travel, I’m amazed anyone is there."

To be fair, we're not sure how anyone managed to sit in their cars yesterday to travel anywhere.

LADBible has gone to Alton Towers for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @dean8001/Twitter

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