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Video released by Alzheimer’s Research shows what it’s like to have Dementia

Video released by Alzheimer’s Research shows what it’s like to have Dementia

Alzheimer's Research UK wanted to show what living with Dementia is like

A video that was once released by charity Alzheimer’s Research UK brings home the unsettling and tragic reality of what living with Dementia is like. You can see it in the video below.

In the video, which is one of a series that was created along with an app, a woman tries to walk home through the streets near to her house, mistaking other people for someone she knows, taking the wrong directions, and experiencing symptoms that are common to those who live with – or know someone who lives with – Dementia.

It was released back in 2016 and has since been viewed more than 2.7 million times, with several 360 degree videos designed for the app.

On their website, Alzheimer’s Research UK explained how it all works.

They wrote: “Presented in virtual reality, you’ll look at everyday life through a new lens. You may be familiar with some of the symptoms you’ll experience, others may surprise you.

The world can seem very different, even if you are somewhere familiar.
Alzheimer's Research UK

“This app was developed by Alzheimer’s Research UK, guided by people living with different forms of dementia.

“They were all keen to help you understand what everyday life can be like for them.”

It’s eye-opening, that’s for sure.

The website continues: “Dementia is a misunderstood condition.

“Many people believe it’s just a by-product of ageing.

“We tend to not think beyond memory loss when it comes to symptoms.

“The reality is that dementia is a condition caused by diseases, most commonly Alzheimer’s, that damage different areas of the brain leading to a variety of challenging symptoms.

“Because dementia is so complex, and each person’s experience of it is unique, we can’t tell every story, but we hope the one we tell through A Walk Through Dementia will help you think a little differently about dementia.”

Dementia patients can often experience anxiety and fear.
Alzheimer's Research UK

Symptoms of Dementia make even simple tasks such as going for a walk around the neighbourhood or going out to the shops really difficult.

That’s because even things we take for granted like concentrating on tasks at hand and making the most simple decisions become more difficult when living with Dementia.

The video also shows the fear and anxiety that can occur when a wrong turn is taken, as well as the short-term memory problems that those with the condition have to deal with.

That all becomes worse when there is a busy road or a crowded street in play, too.

In short, the video will help to illustrate – though it will always fall short of truly capturing – the problems that those with Dementia face.

Just leaving the house can be a huge undertaking.
Alzheimer's Research UK

Still, Alzheimer’s Research UK continue to do good work in trying to help these people, with their supporters funding research into treatments that may one day help to cure the debilitating condition.

You can donate to their work here.

Featured Image Credit: Alzheimer's Research UK