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Blind man left without seat shares video to show how hard his guide dog works

Blind man left without seat shares video to show how hard his guide dog works

The shocking video shows the disregard some people have for those who are visually impaired

A blind man who was left feeling humiliated when fellow commuters ignored him and his guide dog on a busy train posted a video to show how hard life can be for the visually impaired.

Amit Patel is a former A&E doctor and went blind about a decade ago after suffering a haemorrhage behind the eyes.

Several years ago, he posted a video to Twitter, which he filmed using a GoPro he'd attached to his dog Kika, to show people just how hard it is for blind people to get around a busy city like London.

Writing as Kika on her Twitter account, Dr Patel said: "If you ever wondered why dad is so concerned about my wellbeing when out and about, maybe this video will give you a glimpse of just how much focus I need to navigate a busy environment. 'I'm expected to do this day in and day out!"

In the video, Dr Patel and Kika struggle to make it through the train station as crowds of fellow commuters jostle to get past one another, barging into the pair and failing to let them on an escalator.

Dr Patel said that he faces obstacles on his commute on a daily basis, and posted the clip to try and raise awareness.

Dr Patel says it's incredibly difficult to make it around a busy city like London for the visually impaired.

Only around five percent of guide dogs are trained to take their owners on escalators, with Kika being one of them, but she gets scared when people knock her or barge past her.

Dr Patel and Kika had previously suffered a similar ordeal on a Southeastern train when no one got up to allow them some space in the designated disabled section of the train.

Writing at the time, Dr Patel said: "I was very upset yesterday as the floor on the train was slippery, Kika kept sliding and she was obviously distressed. She looks after me everyday and I felt useless.

"One small act of kindness could have turned the situation around completely."

And earlier this year, another video of Dr Patel was shared online, which saw him being shouted at by a man for apparently blocking the escalator.

In the footage posted on Twitter, Dr Patel is seen standing on an escalator in London, Kika by his side.

Behind him, another traveller can be heard berating him for blocking the way.

The man said: "You're worse than a dog if you don't understand the human being. I just want to catch the train."

First of all, what does that sentence even mean? I don't even understand the insult there.

And secondly, who shouts at a blind person, or anyone for that matter, on an escalator?

Clearly stressed by the situation, Dr Patel replied to the man: "Yes but I can't move, she's a guide dog.

"I can't physically move, she's not going to move. There's no point arguing."

Featured Image Credit: Amit Patel/Twitter

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