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Footage emerges of moment Andrew Tate got brutally knocked out during kickboxing bout

Footage emerges of moment Andrew Tate got brutally knocked out during kickboxing bout

The controversial figure has been criticised for his views on women

Footage has emerged of Andrew Tate being brutally knocked out.

The 35-year-old isn't the most popular person around at the moment, largely due to his pretty disgusting views on women.

In his videos, he likes to portray himself as an alpha male, who 'dominates' and cannot be beaten.

Well, it turns out that's not always been the case for the US born millionaire.

In a previous life, Tate was a professional kickboxer, becoming a champion on four occasions and winning ISKA championships in two different weight divisions.

However, his impressive record was blemished a few times, and footage has now emerged of him being flattened by an opponent.

In 2012, the social media personality competed at the Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators tournament, and went up against Franci Graj.

Footage from the bout shows a tired looking Tate being absolutely pummelled in the first round of the fight.

In the clip, he's clocked around the head, before being kicked and kneed several times and backed up against the ropes.

The final blow comes as Tate, nicknamed the 'Cobra', begins to fold into a crumpled mess and is kicked in the head once again.

Out cold on the canvas, the referee calls an end to the match.

Speaking on The Fellas podcast, Tate once said: "I've been knocked out cold once.

"Only once in 87 fights, which is good for a career. I wouldn't say it hurts. You don't remember much, it's much like a dream. You're furious afterwards."

Tate was knocked out in the first round.
Enfusion 3

The clip will no doubt delight Tate's critics, who have criticised him for sharing some shocking views on social media.

While he usually takes aim at women, he recently hit out at the English, saying they were a bunch of brutes.

Speaking on his podcast, he said: "English people are the most violent people in the world.

"They conquered the entire Earth.

"People thinks 'oh yeah everyone's in suits, little gentlemen'."

He continued: "London's like stabbing capital of the world.

"It's a very violent place and English people will fight you over nothing.

"They're not friendly or polite, they're very violent, extremely when they drink."

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