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Andrew Tate reckons he punched on with a ghost in his prison cell and sent it 'back to hell'

Rachel Lang

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Andrew Tate reckons he punched on with a ghost in his prison cell and sent it 'back to hell'

Andrew Tate might be behind bars, but he is not letting that stop him from coming out on top.

The self-described misogynist recently boasted about how he walks 10 kilometres, does 500 pushups, and 500 squats every day while inside prison.

Well, that has gone nothing on his latest claim.

Tate reckons he has punched on with a ghost.


And won, might we add. He sent that bad boy bodach right back to hell.

Oh, we're not joking by the way.

Tate actually shared this bizarre claim to Twitter, sharing the news to the world that he had beaten an actual phantom up within the confines of his jail cell.

"I was awoken last night by an icy chill and identified a ghost in my prison cell," Tate said on Twitter.


"He was terrified and begged me not to annihilate him. I sent him back to hell with a message for the demons: 'I am always ready'."

Well, at least all that working out while on the inside has been paying off.

Plenty of people on Twitter, however, didn't see it as an impressive victory.


Some compared Tate's poltergeist punch-on his very own Ebenezer Scrooge moment from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

Others had plenty of other ghoul-themed gags ready to go.

One Twitter user joked: "Was it the Ghost of In-cells Past?"

A second chimed in with: "Gotta respect a man that never stops growing: Andrew Tate - social media phenomenon, kick-boxing champion, internet pimp, business coach and Ghostbuster.


A third simply said: "You seem to be coping well."

Another commenter suggested his tweets be read to the tune of a 1960s pop song by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett.

They said: "[It's] just so incredibly beautiful how well the first two lines [go with] 'Monster Mash'."

If you go back and read it to the tune, that one does track.


Anyway, this is fresh off the back of Tate boasting about how productive he is in prison... whilst trying to punch down on others.

"I am in a cell. I have extremely limited freedom of action," Tate said.

"If my days in this cell are more productive than yours, you should be furious with yourself."

Well, Tate, give us a bit of a break.

We're out here with all of life's stresses, while you're fighting ghosts and booting them back to hell.

That's a tough act to follow.

Featured Image Credit: lcv / Alamy Stock Photo. Andrew Tate/Instagram.

Topics: Andrew Tate, Social Media, Twitter, Weird, World News

Rachel Lang
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