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Moment disgruntled driver yanks Just Stop Oil poster out of protesters' hands

Moment disgruntled driver yanks Just Stop Oil poster out of protesters' hands

The angry driver yanked the poster out of the Just Stop Oil protesters' hands.

Just Stop Oil protests have been going on for a fair while now, with them certainly dividing opinion in the UK.

While many say that they are fighting a good cause, many others say that they could be trying to put their point across in a safer way.

Just Stop Oil protestors are infamous for standing on busy roads and motorways by blocking traffic to get their point across that the UK government should end all new oil and gas.

But many drivers lose their temper with the protestors and get out of their vehicle to try and move them away.

Now, Just Stop Oil has posted a clip from one of their protests, where a disgruntled driver leaves his vehicle and yanks a poster out of the protestors hand. Watch it below:

The man originally snatches one poster from a protestor, but then decides to take a second as he walks back to his car rather angry indeed.

It is not the first time furious drivers have taken action against Just Stop Oil protestors.

In October, protestors formed three roadblocks between Knightsbridge and Brompton Road in London.

Some glued themselves to the tarmac to halt traffic, with furious drivers soon pulling protestors onto the pavement.

Featured Image Credit: @juststop_oil / Twitter

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