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Amazon Is Selling Adidas-Inspired Outfits For Your Dog

Amazon Is Selling Adidas-Inspired Outfits For Your Dog

Because dogs need comfy clothes, too...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

There's no doubt about it - dogs shouldn't be dressed in daft clothes. Ok, so maybe a little raincoat here and there we can let slide but when it comes to bumble bee costumes and the classic hot dog attire - we're not down with it.

But what about Adidas-inspired hoodies for your pet pooch? Yep, that's right, comfies or athleisure (not going to the gym but still wearing gym clobber) can be a thing for your dog.

The 'Adidog' range.

So when you wake up ready to take on a lazy Sunday around the house by dragging on your favourite tracksuit, your dog can mirror your outfit with Zoyee's Adidas-inspired 'Adidog' sweatpants and hooded jacket.

As well as featuring the Adidas style stripes, the jacket also has the triangle design on the back but instead of being block stripes it's made up of three bones instead - imaginative, eh?

It's available in black, blue, pink, red, yellow and grey and will set you back between £18.96 and £19.23 ($23/$24) for five different sizes which range from small to extra, extra large.

This could be yours.

The product description reads: "Soft cotton material will protect your dog during rainy days or harsh weather. Four-legged design with button closure and elastic waist,easy to put on and take off.

"Fashionable hooded with "adidog" letter printed on the back.Your pooches can never go wrong with this beautifully designed outfit in such cute pattern."

Alternatively, Doqi are selling dog hoodies for between £6.80 and £10.80 ($8.50/$13.50). They come in five different colours and sizes XXXL, XXXXL, XXXXXL, XXXXXXL, XXXXXXXL, XXXXXXXXL and XXXXXXXXXL. Yep, they're practically available for brown bears.

The hoddies from Doqi go up to 9XL.

If the hoodies aren't up your street then maybe you'd prefer to dress your dog in some leggings (hopefully not, like, but you never know).

Lisa Barnoff, is the mastermind behind the range of leggings for dogs which will protect their paws from the everything life has to throw at them.

The garments have been created with waterproof rubber soles, which help to keep the little pooch's paws nice and dry during those wet winter walks and stop them from injuring themselves. Cute, but still ridiculous.

Here they are.
Walkee Paws

Walkee Paws offers a range of fetching pants, from your standard classic pair, to confetti, and even a camouflage design - just be careful not to lose them, though, right?

Depending what size you need to fit your furry friend, the leggings are priced between $19.99 and $29.99.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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