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'Carrot The Magic Deer' Discovered With Bolt Through His Head

'Carrot The Magic Deer' Discovered With Bolt Through His Head

The deer regularly visits locals and they couldn't believe what had happened to him

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A community in Canada has been left in shock after a popular deer was discovered with a bolt through his head. You can see the poor guy here:

In Kenora, Ontario, deer are abundant, even in urban areas, and one in particular had become a firm favourite due to his friendly personality.

Lee-Anne Carver said the buck - affectionately named Carrot the Magic Deer - has been visiting her for the past three years.

Speaking to CBC, she said: "He was exceptional, and he continues to come back.

"Carrot's personality is so unique, he's impossible to misidentify."

However, she was given a huge shock last Wednesday (9 December) when her husband came into the house crying after seeing Carrot had a bolt through his head.

She said: "I barely understood what he was saying

"I went out to see Carrot and I was completely disturbed when I saw him.

"My understanding from the hunters who have been writing me, it's a carbon arrow, a lethal arrow for hunting. It would come out of a crossbow."

Carrot has won people's hearts across the world.
Facebook/Carrot the Magic Deer

She added that the best thing to do might be to leave the bolt in place.

She said: "The consensus is the bolt in the head, as disturbing as it is, may actually be preserving his life at this point.

"It appears to have cauterized the wound, sealed the arteries. Removal could cause severe infection or death from the bleeding.

"We all have a natural inclination to take it out, but that's not necessarily the best medicine.

"If that wound heals as we suspect, and his antlers drop, that arrow should slide out easily."

However, according to a post on Carrot the Magic Deer's Facebook page, it seems things have taken a worrying turn since Lee-Ann spoke to CBC.

The post reads: "I received a message that Carrot had been darted again and the bolt was removed. It wasn't anything I expected so I ran out the door with no socks, wet hair and my husband in search for Carrot.

"We found him in a backyard with the MNR [Ministry of Natural Resources] trying desperately to revive him. They decided to dart him again and remove the bolt. It pulled out relatively easy.

"He was injected with antibiotics and his ears were tagged. (The MNR does not want the public to eat this deer as he is full of chemicals). However, those tags will serve to make him recognizable and protect him if he makes it through this ordeal.

"As mentioned yesterday, capture myopathy is lethal for deer. They don't respond well to tranquilizers and stress. I am not going to describe how Carrot was handled in order to try to stimulate him. It may be disturbing for some but I will say for 6 hours, he didn't get up.

"It actually got so bad that my husband Alex said his goodbyes and I removed him from the scene to secure his own suffering."

The post continues: "The next couple of days are vital to Carrot. Again, capture myopathy is a real peril. Deer can die suddenly a day later even though they've stood for a day. Please keep your lovelight on."

Here's hoping Carrot pulls through.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Carrot the Magic Deer

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