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Chubbs The 16-Foot Alligator Spotted On Golf Course In New Video

Rachael Grealish

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Chubbs The 16-Foot Alligator Spotted On Golf Course In New Video

Featured Image Credit: Viral Hog

Imagine this - you're having a nice day out playing golf when suddenly you see an enormous 16-foot long alligator taking a stroll across the green. You'd be pretty freaked out right? Normally, yes. But this alligator is Chubbs and it's the first time he's been captured on film in two years.

Credit: Viralhog
Credit: Viralhog

Chubbs used to be a regular at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida, but the last time anyone had seen him was back in 2016. So, when he was spotted at his old hang-out golfers were quick to get a video of the resident gator - which went viral.

In the video, the 16-foot gator is seen slowly sauntering across the green - emerging onto the screen like Godzilla from the ocean - before sliding on his belly to bask in the Florida sunshine around 15 metres away from his awe-struck audience.

The video was filmed by Sage Stryczny who was getting a round of golf in with his dad before he saw Chubbs.

Credit: Viralhog
Credit: Viralhog

Sage told WLFA: "He was a beast. Me and my dad were about to hit off the tee on a par 3 and we saw him laying right on the green."

Chubbs may be the club's resident alligator, but still Sage said the first thing thought that shot through his mind was 'holy crap, that's a monster gator on the green'.

With the initial shock out of the way, Sage explained the nearby beast didn't deter them from finishing the game.


He said: "We were trying to golf, so we were within 50 feet of him after we hit our shots."

The pair even took time to marvel in the gators casual stroll across the course.

"He took a lot of rests," Sage said. "My dad says he's never seen anything like it in all the years golfing. It was definitely a cool sight to see."

The last time the huge gator was spotted by golfers was back in 2016. At the time, officials said Chubbs had been wandering around the course for years, even becoming a selling point.

People would head for a round of golf to get a glimpse of the beast - who employees say doesn't bother anyone and in return no one bothers him.

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Rachael Grealish
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