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Service Dog Receives Honorary Diploma Alongside His Owner At Her Graduation

Service Dog Receives Honorary Diploma Alongside His Owner At Her Graduation

He's the good boy on campus

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Is there anything dogs can't do? They make us happy, help us sleep better, even keep us safe. Now, one particularly good and clever boy has even gone and received a university diploma.

Yep, you heard that right. A service dog called Griffin was recently awarded an honorary diploma by a University in Potsdam, New York State.

Griffin is a golden retriever who has been helping out with basically everything in the life of Occupational Therapy student Brittany Hawley for years. He is specially trained to do everything from opening doors, to getting things for her, even assisting whilst she saw patients during her internship.

If that's not a good boy, I don't even want to know what is.

Griffin gets his diploma.

After all of their hard work, Hawley was finally set to receive her diploma from the University, but she felt that it would only be fair if Griffin got his paws on some of the recognition as well. She petitioned the university to recognise his work and, perhaps surprisingly, they agreed.

Hawley said: "I pushed for him to graduate from Day One. He did everything I did."

So, as Brittany crossed the stage to get her diploma, she brought Griffin with her as she always does. He got his very own document to put in his mouth. Whether or not he understood what was going on is irrelevant, it's still pretty damn sweet.

The university said that they agreed to honour the 4-year-old doggo because he had demonstrated 'extraordinary effort, steadfast commitment and diligent dedication to the well-being and student success' of his thankful owner, Hawley.

Griffin and Brittany Hawley.

Hawley, a 25-year-old student from North Carolina, suffers from reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (CRPS/RPD) and has chronic pain as well as being confined to a wheelchair.

She also suffers from anxiety and depression as a result of her condition - that's another part of her life in which having a lovely doggo beside her like Griffin helps her out.

She was diagnosed as a teenager and, as such, Griffin helps her out with nearly every single thing that she does. As well as the things mentioned, he turns on lights, helps her grab stuff that she can't reach, anything that Brittany needs doing, if it's within his power, you can bet he'll be there to help out.

Brittany said: "I couldn't participate in anything without him. I'm so used to him being there."

Griffin finally gets the recognition he deserves.

Well, then. It seems only fair that he gets some recognition. Without Griffin, Brittany wouldn't have been able to get her degree.

Good boy, Griffin.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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