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Woman wasn’t able to sleep in her room for three days after looking inside vacuum cleaner

Woman wasn’t able to sleep in her room for three days after looking inside vacuum cleaner

On today's episode of 'Oh god, Australia is terrifying'...

A woman was left unable to sleep in her own room for three days after making a terrifying discovery in her vacuum cleaner.

Everyone needs to give their place a once-over with the hoover every now and then to keep things in a good state, but most won't be expecting to suck up a honking massive spider along with all that dust.

Australian (because of course this happened in Australia) TikToker @lucetteromy showed off what she found when she'd been vacuuming her room.

Having been properly thorough by running the vacuum cleaner behind the cushions she then checked what she'd hoovered up and spotted the huge spider.

She quickly identified it as a funnel-web spider, which are venomous to humans with death from a bite able to kill a person in as little as 15 minutes if they are a child.

First things first that vacuum cleaner is way overdue being emptied and OH MY GOD THAT'S A MASSIVE SPIDER.

Naturally, this is not the sort of thing one wants to learn has been lurking just behind a cushion in their bedroom.

In the TikTok's voice over she said: "So this is from one day when I was vacuuming my room when I was living in Australia.

"And I vacuumed behind the cushion that was on my floor, and sucked up a funnel-web spider, which is one of the most deadly spiders in the world.

"This is a pretty big one, it was just in my bedroom. I hysterically cried for about an hour and didn't sleep in my room for three days, so that's on Australia."

In the background of the video she could be heard reacting to the spider, saying 'oh my god this is the most f**king terrifying thing ever' and wondering 'what do I do'.

Just Australian things.

Being honest, her reaction was probably what most of us would do if we saw a spider that large and deadly in our bedroom and realised it had just been lurking there.

Imagine being asleep and blissfully unaware that a deadly arachnid was within spitting distance.

It almost makes you want to pick up the vacuum cleaner and start tidying up the house.

Then again, not everyone is like this as some people who catch a blooming massive spider in their house are pretty calm about the situation.

One British guy who found a giant spider in his home which had somehow made it all around the world from Australia decided to call in people to remove it.

However, upon learning that whomever showed up to catch the critter would most likely just destroy it, he cancelled their visit and instead called a friend who offered to re-home the arachnid.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lucetteromy

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