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Expert issues warning over when it’s too cold to walk your dog

Expert issues warning over when it’s too cold to walk your dog

Winter is now well and truly here, and some of our furry friends might feel the cold a bit more than us

Christmas is just around the corner, and with that comes the cold weather of the season.

And while taking the dog out for a walk is essential to keep them healthy and active, when temperatures drop below a certain point some breeds are best staying at home where it's warm.

Now, it's worth saying that this does depend on the breed of dog you have.

Anyone who has seen videos of breeds like Newfoundlands and Bernese Mountain Dogs straight up refusing to come in from the snow when called will know that these dogs love the cold.

But breeds like this are protected by a thick double coat which keeps them both warm and dry.

Of course, the flip side is that you have to be very careful looking after these dogs in the summer heat.

In winter it's smaller dogs and dogs with shorter hair who are more at risk from the cold, according to Lorna Winter, who co-founded puppy training app Zigzag.

She told Metro: "If you need a hat and scarf to be standing outside, it’s likely your pup will be cold too.

Whippets are an example of a dog that might be more vulnerable to the cold.
Anita Knot / Getty

"If they’re moving around then the exercise might be keeping them warm, but pavements are cold and puppies are close to it so feel the cold."

She added: "Breeds that are better at tolerating the cold (often because they have thicker fur, a double coat or a heavier frame) include Newfoundlands, Siberian Huskies, Tibetan Mastiffs and Norwegian Elkhounds.

"Breeds that have shorter hair and are smaller are less able to cope with cold weather. This includes Chihuahuas, Whippets and French Bulldogs."

Lorna also suggested that owners of breeds which are vulnerable to the cold can also get them clothes to help keep them warm.

Breeds with thin fur and small breeds could benefit from a coat or onesie during the cold months.

Buying shoes for your dog may also help to keep their paws warm.
Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images

Another good option is to get some shoes, which will protect your pooch from the cold ground, as well as any grit or antifreeze chemicals.

And if temperatures drop below -5C, it's probably best to give walkies a miss until things get a bit warmer.

You can tell your dog is getting too cold if they are shaking or shivering. They might also seek out a heat source, which could be you.

But there are other ways you can keep your dog happy if they have to miss walkies for a day.

This could be giving them enrichment activities at home, which keep them stimulated.

Featured Image Credit: Getty

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