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Man who fought off kangaroo to rescue his dog wanted to go back for round 2

Man who fought off kangaroo to rescue his dog wanted to go back for round 2

A brave man managed to rescue his dog from the clutches of an angry kangaroo.

In England we think we've got it tough with the bugs which intrude our homes without permission.

Down under in Australia they have to deal with a much higher level of opposition - angry kangaroos are always up for a scrap.

But what we must remember is that fortune favours the brave, as one man who fought off a kangaroo to rescue his dog wanted to go back for round 2. Have a listen to what happened:

Mick Moloney was taking a walk along the Murray River, when he noticed one of his dogs was missing.

The ex-policeman looked towards the water and saw that his dog was being held by a gigantic kangaroo in Mildura, Victoria.

As he waded into the water to retrieve his pooch, Mick got his phone out and recorded the whole thing.

After exchanging blows and shouting 'let go of my dog', Mick told LADbible exactly what happened.

A man has bravely rescued his dog from the clutches of an intimidating-looking kangaroo.

"I looked back and I saw the 'roo just standing there, still death staring me," Mick told LADbible, explaining how he wanted to go back for seconds.

"And part of me was like, 'I'm going back you and part of me was like 'I'm going back, I'll f**king have you'.

"What I wanted was my dog back. I got my dog back.

"Let's just cut our losses, we'll call it a draw, and I'm going home.

"I did an interview with a radio station and a wildlife expert in Melbourne had seen the footage.

"And he said that, looking at it, he said, I gave it no height.

"But everyone that's commented and said it's about 7 feet, or 6 or 7 feet and I was like I'm only 5 ft 11.

Mick went full Wealdstone Raider.

"It looked like it was about 80 kilos and I'm about 95.

"But it was just like, he had no fat on it. It was just when I grabbed it. It was like I grabbed a tree.

"You know, it was just like I had nothing and it had like, I've got you probably can't see, well I lost a bit of bog off the hands off the shins, but I was wearing a long sleeve top and I had lots of scratches down my arms and I had just a dead arm where I think it just stumped me on the arm.

"But apart from that I was injury free."

The morale of the story is not to mess around with a kangaroo, unless you're Mick Moloney.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@milduramartialarts1/LADbible

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