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Piers Morgan rips into vegan for telling meat eaters to end the 'animal holocaust'

Velentina Boulter

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Piers Morgan rips into vegan for telling meat eaters to end the 'animal holocaust'

A high-profile vegan activist has gone head-to-head with Piers Morgan on his Uncensored program.

Tash Peterson was there to explain why her brand of activism is important and she had to battle against Morgan and American television presenter and commentator Tomi Lahren.

The vegan activist, who goes by vganbooty online where she has amassed over 19,000 Instagram followers, was wearing a t-shirt that read 'End this holocaust'.


“Why do you use the word holocaust,” said Morgan.

“Holocaust is the mass extermination of more than 6 million Jewish people by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

“Why would you use that emotive language knowing it would offend people."

Peterson defended her choice of words saying it was a factual statement.


“If you look at the definition of a holocaust it is slaughter and destruction on a mass scale,” she said.

“Non-human animals can be subjected to the same atrocities that humans can.”

She added: “In fact. It’s the largest holocaust in human history, with 3 trillion individuals brutally murdered each year for human consumption.”

Lahren, who comes from a ranching family in the US, said: “There’s nobody that cares more for their animals than those in the ranching and farming communities.


“I’m against factory ranching and farming, I think that’s atrocious. I’m an animal lover.”

Morgan then brought up the recent news that Bear Grylls has reversed his decision to go vegan.

“You may not like the fact that he went back to eating meat, but he was a vegan for quite a while,” said Morgan.


But Peterson hit back, saying: “People go by that label all the time, but if they truly hold their ethical view against animal abuse then they would never turn back on veganism."

The interview was met with mixed responses from viewers.

One person said: “Veganism is a choice, you’re free to make that choice. Don’t be an a-hole and shame other people on not making that choice."

Another added: “The extreme activism doesn’t work. Calling it murder and a holocaust just gives people something to push back against and ignore.”


While others came to Peterson’s defence.

“Tash was calm, collected and articulated her points with perfection. I’m no vegan but civil discourse like this is really bringing me to understand why the vegans are fighting for attention," wrote one viewer.

Another said: “I’m happy she had the courage to speak publicly about something she’s clearly passionate about."

Peterson has previously been banned in Western Australia from entering licensed venues for 12 months after multiple incidents.

“I don't mind people being vegans,” said Morgan.

“[Extreme activism] just annoys people, it has the opposite effect of what you hope."

Peterson replied with: “I don’t think so at all. I think it brings more attention to the animal holocaust.”

Featured Image Credit: TalkTV

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Velentina Boulter
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