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Woman heartbroken after XL bully is attacked by cat on first walk following new law

Woman heartbroken after XL bully is attacked by cat on first walk following new law

Casey Wilson has hit back at the XL Bully rules after her dog was left bloodied by a cat

A frenzied fight left a dog with awful injuries and the owner has lashed out at a recent ban on the breed as the cause.

After her ‘cuddly’ XL bully pup was left bloodied and scratched up by a cat, Casey Wilson, 26, has hit out at the latest regulations which prohibits the breed from going out in public without safety precautions.

This comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declared a ban on the breed which comes into full force on 1 February, due to several fatal attacks in the last few years.

With a requirement for the breed to be muzzled among many others, the 26-year-old believes that this was the reason that her large dog couldn’t defend itself while out on its first walk since the rules came into place.

It was New Year's Day when Nova and Casey were walking when a crazed cat ran at them 'like a monster' and clawed at the scared dog.

Casey Wilson was left hysterical after her dog, Nova, was attacked on a walk.

Sharing pictures of her dog's injuries online, the owner explained how her pup was left 'completely defenceless' by her muzzle.

Casey ranted: “And they say XL bullies are the vicious ones!!”

She has previously shared her struggling to get her dog used to wearing a muzzle, posting pictures of the pup cowering in a corner after being fitted with a black muzzle for the first time.

Casey wrote on Facebook: “We finally got ourselves out.. only for her to be ATTACKED by a f****** CAT!!!

The owner shared pictures of her dog's injuries online.

“She was completely defenceless because she had a cage around her face, not that she would even do anything anyways!!

“And they say XL bullies are the vicious ones!!

“You can literally see where the feral thing had its claws on her nose through the muzzle!!!”

In another post, the pet owner was left exasperated and upset by the muzzle options, writing: "Oh it’s killing me. I honestly do not want her out with this awful thing on! It makes her look like some monster!! She’s so depressed."

The pet was left 'completely defenceless' by her muzzle.

Casey's mum, Karen O'Brian, spoke to the Daily Mail about the regulations after witnessing her daughter ‘hysterical’ and Nova covered in blood.

She commented: "It just shows how cruel the law forcing XL bullies to wear muzzles is."

Karen added that the dog is docile and friendly.

She explained: “Nova is just a bouncy, friendly, happy dog. She loves cuddles and she's great with my grandchildren.

“It's heartbreaking that her first experience of being walked on a lead and with a muzzle on has ended like this.

“If it had been the other way around and she had attacked a cat, you can guarantee people would be saying she needed to be put to sleep.

“But she's such a soft thing, she wouldn't have retaliated even if she hadn't had a muzzle on.

“The law needs to target the owners who treat their dogs badly, it's not fair to make all XL bullies wear muzzles in public.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/caseylee.wils

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